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    what ARE you wearing, dear Girl? I am intrigued.

    Err, *coughs* it's totally Chloé, okay?

    No, actually, it's a top I got for 15 bucks at Loehmans when I was in the States for Christmas. It's Arden B. Not usually my style, that store, just for the record :)

    There's nothing awkward about uncontrollable appendages. (er, most of the time...) Quite frequently, my own Italian heritage necessitates that I simply stop talking mid-sentence and finish the thought with gesticulation.

    I would be more worried about the awkwardness of the beauty pageant in the graduate business school, rather than your imprisoned hair forcing your hands out across the table.

    ah, well, the Arden B. factor is cancelled out by the Loehmans factor, so you're cool with me. But seriously, it looks totally flattering in the photos.

    My eyes!

    Terribly cheeky I know. I deliberately ignored your PS. You were really asking for it. hehe.

    Anyway. Gesticulating can lead to spills and tears and mobile phones landing in cocktails. Get yourself a swizzle stick, girl.

    Gee, thanks, Katia.

    Err, or did I accidentally poke you with a gesticulating finger? In that case, sorry.

    LOL! As a major fidgeter, I very much sympathize. The swizzlestick suggestion was an excellent one!

    nice tatas, chica!

    dis donc, the story just wouldn't have been the same without them . . .

    Ha! Our comments are overlapping, Katia. Put my last one before your second one. There, that's bettah.

    isn't it the perfect sign how how french you are (have become ? have obviously no idea, but it's obvioulsy latin as someone put it nicely a little further up)

    Do you have red curly hair and freckles??

    Affirmative, J.

    Yes, Stephan, I guess I get it from my French side.

    Well, at least you don't have sausage fingers. There's this girl in my English class who has fingers like that, literally, her fingers have ROLLS, and they're hairy too.

    But your hands, spasmodic or not, are very pretty :).

    I'm totally distracted by the subject of your ps and won't be able to post anything meaningful for the rest of the evening. :)

    Dang, I wish I'd been there :)

    Must have been quite a (sight) evening ;P

    I have to say, it's positively shameful but I totally took up smoking when I was in Paris (Fine 120s - have you seen how LONG they are?) because, well, sigh, I liked how the cigarettes looked in my hand. And I figured that since I was inhaling all that smoke anyway, that I might as well just give in and then at least have a reason for my clothes stinking like cigarette smoke at the end of the night. Didn't stop me from waving my hands around, but seeing that I generally had a drink in one and a cigarette in the other - well, there was waving but at least no pointing?

    A beauty pagent at a business school? Brains and beauty? Next time post a full picture of Alex!

    I am not so much a hand mover (or am I), but there were actually girls in my junior high that referred to me as "facial expression Kim"... okay, granted they could have come up with a nickname that rolled off the tongue a bit better, but apparently my face likes to scrunch up in all sorts of positions when I'm speaking. Lovely.

    Of course, it's not like my face is going to knock over a glass, so I suppose it's less dangerous for others.

    My French teacher called me "exuberant" last week, because of my wildly gesticulating hands. I blamed my Italian heritage, and my fellow classmate chimed in to suggest that we use our hands to aid in communication, as our French still isn't so hot.

    But if I had a nickel for every glass I've knocked over in my life... *sigh*

    I have the same problem and it is completely uncontrollable. To top it off, I have sinfully long arms to go with my gesticulating, flying hands.
    How's that for catapuling a wine glass. In fact, I just broke one last night...crystal.

    totally cute top, la coquette. at least you didn't spill any wine on it. i, with my gesticulating hands, have always managed to spill red wine on anything cute that i wear.

    I find that the more I drink the more I gesticulate. Gesticulating long enough eventually leads to spillage and that is always awkward in public situations.

    You have fascinating hands so I'd be more than happy to sip on a drink and watch you gesticulate.

    ehehe if like me you had a chocolate cake in one hand and a galss of good red wine in the other, your hands would know what to do !!

    Does Loehman's still have communal dressing rooms? I haven't been to a Loehman's in a hundred years...but what an experience... :) As for the gesticulating...I've often been told that if I had to sit on my hands, I'd be a mute...

    They still have it here in San Diego, Marilyn!

    I swear, you post one appealing photo of decolletage and look at the 20+ responses that come flooding in. No wonder there's so much skin on TV these days... ;)

    As you know, my darling Coquette, I MORE than sympathize with your wildly gesticulating extremities. At least your nervous habit/ hand occupation repetoire doesn't include chomping on your nails, a la moi.

    And I feel worthy of chiming in about the Loehman's dressing rooms since I visited one a mere three days time ago - and I found that (GASP) Loehman's DOES have private dressing rooms (in addition to the communal ones) that become available on Saturdays (i.e. shopping pandemonium) in Boca Raton, FL. Wow. WHAT an earth-shattering bit of knowledge!

    Hi Aimee, I'm in San Diego too (though a complete stranger to Loehman's!!)

    Oh Stu. I recommend.

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