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    Ah Coquette, you are destin for great things! Awesome recap of Chanel!

    Love it love it love it-- Marc infused Karl--- layers and leggings and YUM.

    I bet Karl would slap you with his fan if he heard you compare him to MJ. But, he would love you for the rest of what you said about him.

    Have you ever seen Margaret Cho's imitation of Karl Lagerfeld? It is frickin' hysterical. She pulls out an imaginary fan and purses her lips and she channels (or chanels) Karl.

    Great review of the collection! I was just looking at the collection on yesterday. And you are so right, "there’s something about seeing the clothes in person", that is exactly why I love the Chanel boutiques in my local department stores. Even though I can't afford anything Chanel except for accessories, I always go and look and touch the clothes. They are magnificent in person.

    Wonderful and detailed report of the Chanel collection you have here! The first thought when I saw the Chanel collection online was this was kind of different from the other collections presented in the past few weeks. Karl is one of those designers who dress like what they had designed for the fashion house. The British 60s look def reminded me of the Mary Quant desgins.

    Thanks for the report, Coquette!

    The picture on the right, with the beige leggings, makes me think of a sprained ankle wrap gone bad. I can just imagine what that will look like after someone with actual thighs attempts to wear that style.

    And when I think I was in Rome during that time !!!!!

    Jason, I haven't seen Margaret Cho's impression, but I'm laughing already just imagining it. Also, you're so right--Karl would flog me with the fan for comparing him to Marc. And then he would probably make me polish all his weird rings. Really hope no one tells him about my blog because you know what a blog junkie he is.

    King Negrito, you were in Rome in the 1960's ?!? How many years ago was that in bear years?

    Enough with all of this fashion talk!!!!!!!!! I want some more stories!!!

    Negrito, in all seriousness, we love your Dolce Vita pictures, and urge everyone to check out King Negrito in Rome. (I'm especially fond of bears driving).

    Cort, a friend who knows me in real life emerges! And I can tell you to eat my shorts because we used to play the Simpsons Nintendo game together!!

    haha, i just clicked on the "his jeans here" link. once in an interview he said that the reason he lost all that weight was so that he could fit into dior homme. i guess that's reason enough.
    great recap! i am officially addicted to this blog.

    Karl, a blog junkie?! Does he have someone else type the URL's for him? I can't imagine him stooping to typing on a laptop... Great recap, La Coquette! And screw Cort, we want more fashion! :)

    Tu es à Paris, peut-être, mais où sur la carte des blogs de Paname?

    Great review. Sounds like you had way to much fun on this assignment.

    Linda, glad to have you on board! You remembered right from the interview--Karl totally lost the kilos so he could wear his friend Hedi's designs

    Marilyn, you are so on the money you don't even know it. The man DOESN'T EVEN HAVE EMAIL. He only communicates via fax!

    Paname Team, oops, *following link to add myself to Paname map right now* :)

    Chanel in the 90's was def the best. Colorful. Flattering. Karl was at his peak.

    I liked him so much better when he was fat.

    Bought my first Chanel bag last week and am at the moment :). Love the review of the show. By the looks of things I am going to be craving Chanel for a long time to come!

    I love it! Two of my favourites mixing together! Whether purposely or not, this makes a look that just makes so much sense to me. Well done Mr. Lagerfeld.

    Hi all,

    Some 6-7 years ago, Chanel came out with a hairband accessory on which was an enourmous floaty camelia-flower made in some floaty fabric like chiffon. I have desparately searched for a picture of it on the internet, but can't find any. Would any of you recall this hair accessory and mail me a scanned picture - I am getting married next year, and would like to make a similar one as a hair accessory!

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