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    That's a C & Z-worthy photo, Coquette -- excellent! And the cake looks scrumptious. What are all the yummy layers? Chocolate and pistachio, maybe?

    I'm afraid Clotilde from C&Z, ummm, takes the cake in the photo department. (Huh? Did no one tell you it was Really Bad Pun day? Go on, be naughty!) Also, can you see how the cake is sort of slanting to the side? Yes, that would be because I DROPPED IT on the way home.

    You're exactly right on the layers. As the French say, it was "Maim!"

    Merde! :D there, used up most of my French.

    *licks the screen*

    *paws sadly at the screen*


    Delicious! Fantastic! Amazing!

    Oh, wait. Are we talking about the cake now? I'm still on the legs/boots post...

    Yum! That looks really good. I need some cake.

    OOooh yum - so puhlease tell us what exactly was in it? That way I can live vicariously through YOU and resist stopping by Bon Marché one day after work just to try it. LOL.

    Hahaha...I thought it was a hamburger at first.

    Girl, I'm surprised you even thought about taking a picture of it... it would have been long gone before I would have remembered the photo op.

    Vday came and went... we celebrate our love everyday. :)

    Katia, the layers are pistachio and chocolate--SO GOOD.

    Joseph, I'm laughing. I think you just called my legs "delicious," but I am trying to get past that.

    i'm sure that there are places in nyc to get a slice of cake that looks as amazing as that one...
    but i just bet it wouldn't taste as good.
    god damn.
    while i didn't have anything good to say about v day either, i didn't have any such picturesque feasting...

    Speaking of French food... ha ha Its nearly a year since I got back from my trip to Paris and I MISS PARIS SO MUCH! I want to live there... :)

    But, I passed this french bakery in my neighborhood and stopped in to get a sandwich to go for lunch. EVERYONE that works there is French, its owned by a Frenchman. And the BAGUETTES, OH MY GOD the BAGUETTES.

    Am going back tomorrow for a Pain au chocolate.

    I may have finally found a bit of Paris in Los Angeles! Magnifique!

    mmm cake. I loves me some good cake (although I have a bit of a fondness for those chocolate cakes with the melty center that they do oh-so-well in France. mmmm...

    I'm hungry now. The coffee sitting next to my computer isn't doing the trick. But that cake. That cake would definitely help.

    Please tell me what that green layer is? I've never seen green in a cake, hehe.

    uh oh, the macaroons at Le Bon Marche are going to be tres jaloux that you waxed poetic about a cake and failed to mention their sinfully chewy exterior, the creamy inside, just a hint of crisp egde...scandalous!

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    Wow! i love it happy valentines to all this so delicious,can you share the ingredients? :)


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