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    I dunno...I think that y'all are feeding right into the whole petite anglais "myth" as eloquently explained by petite herself!

    Way to go, Dude!

    A bit off-topic, but what freaks me out is shows I get into first in their french-dubbed form, and then I go and watch the people with their real voices and I'm like "dude! That voice doesn't go with their body at all!"

    And then I smack myself and remind myself that their english voice is, indeed, their real voice. This happened to me both with ER and Gilmore Girls (which really needs to come back on France 2, dammit).

    He's a cutie, but probably too young for moi.

    Hahaha, poor Coquette yes I think you have created a monster. Guigui if you want to visit Texas you can crash on my couch.

    Nice monster-creation job!

    Another Texan girl checking in. I love Guillaume's taste in movies. The Mummy Returns is the best.

    guigui tu es mon maître!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, the French voice-over for Bruce Willis sounds like a castrated monkey screeching for bananas. It's like ten octaves higher than his real voice. And that's called bringing something SPECIAL to his characters? hehehe.
    But we can forgive him, cos he's cute ;)
    (on reflection, it concerns me that I know what bruce willis' dubbed voice sounds like. I need to get out of here)

    True to form, this blog is having me sitting in a public place giggling to myself. People stare... Ton blog, il me tue. I'm definitely hooked.

    Everything is bigger in Texas baby!

    Who's a Texan? Born in Dallas! moi!

    Oh 'ee' and 'i' and 'ea' The toughest things for a French person to say. Try to make one say "dill" and "deal" or grasp the difference between "raid" and "red". It's as tought as getting the French "an" and "en" properly for an English speaker.

    Hey Guigui I'm a Texas girl!!
    And my French husband (though sorry, I'm not ready to leave him....) suffers from the same strange film obsession...spends his spare time surfing websites that tell him about films that don't even exist yet just to be the first to know.

    And he has such delicious taste in films: not only is it Hollywood-Hollywood-Hollywood, but heavier in special effects than plotlines.

    Have YOU seen Fusion, The Core?

    As per voiceovers, he thinks Keanu Reeves is a much better actor when dubbed in French.

    Bah mon Guigui....Je pars une semaine en vacances et là je reviens et je découvre que toi tu en as profité pour devenir une star internationale(grace à Elisabeth ;-)). C'est l'effet "nouvelles chaussures" ça donne confiance en soi.... A plus Gui et à bientôt pour "Bachelor" Elisabeth :-p

    Guigui c'est mon meilleur ami ;)

    ¿Texas? Satan made little Bush there... happy?
    ahh of are happy with the war...and others little mathers..

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