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    Sweet! I didn't go the anonymous route but I don't imagine I'd be invited to any fashion shows regardless. LOL

    I am anonymous in that most of my family, and none of my out-laws, know about the existence of my blog.

    You are too damn cool for school, Miss Thang. Can't wait to hear the reports!!

    Anonymity is our blogging friend.

    Did I not say? Did I not?!! Yes, yes I did--- I believe I was the first to say you would be to fashion what Clotilde is to food!

    And you are GOING to the shows!! When I read about you in the pages of Style and Vogue-- can I say I know you?

    You fashionista!!!!

    Haha, BP! BTW, where the hell was my "yippee" in that post? I'm effin excited, let me tell you. (I only really got the confirmation this all was happening today).


    Coquette is coming to Prêt à Porter? Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of the Asian Leprechauns; we'll be the ones at Cosmic Wonder throwing peanuts at Gemma Ward.

    Another cool way to get into the fashion shows: wait until the guard at the desk of the Carrousel du Louvre goes to the bathroom. :)

    Have a great time, Coquette!

    Ooh, fashion posts! Have fun.

    Haha, Joseph. Once I tried something like that with Issey Miyake and got caught. ISSEY MIYAKE. Not even an exclusive show!

    Leps, you're gonna be there? We can look out for each others boots!

    OH damn girl! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to be living vicariously through you! Have fun and do I really need to wish that you have a fabulous time? I mean, I know that you are going to have a fabulous time!

    Can't wait to read the posts. Please take your shovel and dish some HEAVY-ass dirt. Oh, yeah...the fashion stuff? That'll be cool, too...


    You are fabulous, Coquette.

    ooohhh fun!!!! Any connections in London? ;)

    I'm green with envy! What a dream. Which designer's shows are you going to be attending? Have SO much fun.

    Well, just be glad that you weren't booted from the free weekly fashion show at Printemps. That would be embarrassing, and would probably take some serious effort. :)

    Have a great time. Can't wait to read your stories.

    Just thought I'd say I really enjoy reading your blog. I love reading about home from French bloggers, seeing as I'm an expat in Australia and very much lacking French connections here.

    Sniffle. I am so jealous. Here I am, in a city where the snow is seemingly endless, slaving away over my books, and you get to go to fashion shows. (Okay, "slaving" might be a tad of a hyperbole..)

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