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    There are some camper boots at a nearby shoe store that I have been eyeing, but after the second markdown they were still 85 euros, so I am still daydreaming. I will have to head down there tomorrow to see if the third markdown has hit yet.

    Hey! I like those boots! Hmmm... maybe it's because I'm desperate after living soooo many years (OK, only 4!) in "the-middle-of-nowhere-where-the-only-shoes-you-can-find-are-cowboy-boots-or-sports-shoes" (did I mention I live in Kansas?). You have no idea how hard it is here to find decent boots! I miss Fraaaaaance!!!! (snif!)
    Joyeux St Valentin quand meme!

    Heels schmeels. Those boots are lovely! I own a few pairs of boots in various colors - all of which have heels. I need (like I need water, food, shelter) a pair of flat boots as well. I walk EVERYWHERE and I'll soon be employed at a place where standing all day is a must. Can't do that in heels, can I?


    They're so cute. And I need a pair of low-to-no heeled boots too, because I am always getting stuck in the "quaint" cobblestones on the way to class.

    I really love the colour of those boots. Ahhh. But I'm in NY now, maybe I "need" to go shopping.

    They are pretty. I really like them! Good choice.

    *blinks* boots what boots? I was so dazzled by those legs . .. . hahaahhaha

    Have you ever read the Shopoholic series? It's a nice read...entertaining. Your justification for buying boots reminded me of the main character in the book. I like your pink site by the way! :)

    I like those!

    And I hate you because your thighs don't rub together :P

    Happy Valentines Day

    first time caller here I like the boots and the blog - i even stole a photo to put on my blog...

    OK, so you don't know me, but I just had to tell you cute boots (not too pedestrian, I don't think!) and you make me wish so bad that I lived somewhere where walking was involved!

    I'm soooo glad bluepoppy broke the ice on THAT one, I mean, DAMN, Coquette, walking obviously does you good!


    oh, and I like the boot, too. Fit you like a glove.

    You guys are the sweetest. Matthieu--you crack me up, and art.pepper, thank you for the kind comments on your site.

    Women apologize too much. There were a multitude of disclaimers that I wanted to scream at the beginning of this post, apologizing for everything from enjoying clothes to not enjoying the size of my thighs. But I still feel the need to say: the skirts are damn short. I thought the boots needed tarting up to make a pretty picture; maybe I overcompensated.

    The weird thing is, I’m not embarrassed when I wear outfits like that to a bar. But seeing it up on the web, suddenly, I’m feeling a little sheepish. (Posting remorse? Like buyer’s remorse?)

    On a completely unrelated note, in case you’re wondering, that *is* the 16th century staircase in my building. Jeanne took the pics just outside my door before she went to work. THANKS, JEANNE!

    No need to apologize or be remorseful. The boots look nice and you have awesome legs.

    On a side note...those look like steps that I would continually fall up because of the spacing and the fact that I'm 6'3".

    Great choice. I had a pair of flat black boots I wore for YEARS. I must have logged hundreds of miles in them walking all over San Francisco and Portland. Lost track of the number of times I re-soled and re-heeled them. The leather got so soft, too...but not too soft. (sigh) I miss real shoes. Now I'm like a's all I can do to wear flip-flops. (I even wear them to work. I'm pathetic.)

    I luv your boots !

    This afternoon I was wearing my own not-trendy-flat-black-boots-that-I-love, which are a bit tired, and I went in a shoe store. I had spotted really neat shoes, and was trying them on when I notice this woman looking at my feet. Thinking she was interested by the shoes I was trying on, I put them back on the shelf (too big, -sigh-), addressing her a you-can-have-them smile. But she just goes : "I was actually interested in your boots ! They look really nice" !!
    Man I was soooo flattered I almost kissed her !

    Yes, we women are vain. So what !!

    love the new site layout. Oh, and the legs! :)

    round and slouchy is hot in paris?

    "honey, we're moving"

    I LOVE them. Not only because they are flat and you can walk around everywhere in them, but the color is gorgeous. I am perplexed by the number of women I see galavanting around town in heels. I've had surgery on my feet once, and I'm not in a hurry to do it again, so I'm always looking for fabulous flat shoes. Those definately fit the bill! :)

    Hmmm... Nice legs, but isn't too cold outside for a skirt ?

    will, it is merely a sign that coquette is embracing her frenchness, as real french woman will wear skirts out despite the frigid temperatures. a quick stroll in any cold-yet-not-snowy french town will prove this theory.

    (alas, I am not this french, yet. I get cold mighty easily)

    Hello my dear... I must say I appreciate that you are willing to mix black and brown and those tights in the first picture are as you would say, HOT.

    Now on to the boots...


    Whoever wears heels in Paris everyday and walks as much as you and I do and say their feet don't hurt, are LYING! Very nice purchase, my friend and as time goes on those boots will morph into new pair as they age and get a little saggier and looks as stylish as they do right now.

    Good Job.

    Speaking of converse, I left my at the gym and someone decide to walk out the door with mine. But now that the weather should be getting warmer I will will be switching to my staple flip flops.

    Fashion question for my little coquette, cowboy boots? How do you feel about these? I'd like to open a discussion, if I could... I have been obsessing about them for a while, but the ones I want are a little shorter than regular cowboy boots and I am looking for some color of brown that doesn't exist. Yes, this is all going on in my head, first it came to me in a dream and then I went to Amsterdam and everyone and their mom were wearing cowboy boots (traditional ones) and the ones I am looking for are short but not too short as you can wear them with a skirt. Any thoughts? The heel is short enough to be worn without the dogs screaming after a couple hours.

    Thanks for the miniblog banwith... I owe you a chocolat, whenever you're free. :)

    Aimee G.

    PS. I think The Manolo would approve!

    I love that site! ;-)

    Love the boots. This city is all about beauty, but I think practical makes sense too. Your boots are a nice mix -- obviously the men (and, um, BluePoppy ;) think they are a good showcase for your legs. Those boots were made for walkin'...along the Seine.

    Dearest C- Love the new layout! Love the boots... I myself am currently wearing cheap, nasty black boots with tall stelleto heels and I am so muy jealous of your flat boots. But at least my nasty cheap hooker boots keep me warm in Nebraska!

    I usually am hoping that blogs will get updated, but I have to tell you that I'm digging the fact that I get to see your legs each time I check in...

    Because I live in Los Angeles, and either run (in my Adidas) to pick up little things, or drive my little Honda Insight (dubbed "the Cadillac of hybrids" in "Be Cool")...I wear three-inch heels just about everywhere but the shower. Hence, all my pants are too long to be worn with flats when I'm in New York or Pareee, where I trek miles on the average day.

    The answer: Via Spiga shoes and boots -- from their sporty-ish line (but not too sporty, in most cases) -- some of which are available at a discount in the USA, at There are a number in this line which look high, but they have some sort of deceptively thick sole (but not platforms), so you can have the height and still have a walk without feeling like a fashion victim.

    PS In France and elsewhere, Clergerie and Espace are fab choices as well.

    they're fantastic!
    i've got loads of heels that i don't wear either... i have a pair of boots quite like those, that i wear all the time. i love them...
    oh, those stacked heeled, slouchy suede round toed boots you mentioned? we sold a pair of those at the shoe store i work in. we called them the "jessica simpson boots". at least here in nyc, we're pretty sure they're going to be totally played out any second now...
    so, i think you made the better choice by far!

    The boots are adorable, very Charlotte Gainsbourg, only you don't have Charlotte Gainsbourg's thunder thighs, I'm surprised they don't start fires when she walks.

    hello again,

    i, too, am a fan of flat (yet fashionable) boots. camper worked wonders for me when i was living in at the southern end of the 14e and was at first too afraid of using public transport! and, i must admit that i'm just not good in heels.

    like your redesign by the way.

    OMG! Asian Leprechan's comment... so funny! Bahahahaaaa!

    Via Spiga produces a line for Nordstrom under the label Linea Paolo. And they often come in wide widths for the Big Foot chics like me. Price point is about $75 (USD)...

    Check them out!

    Flare, we're going to have to go off the comments board with the cowboy boot question, but suffice it to say that I like 'em. Or, for Sex and the City fans, me likey.

    Bob, Asian Leprechaun--you are officially cracking me up.

    Love love love the pink tights!!!! Where did ya find them? The boots are great too, but that's a given.

    One of my teachers used to say "pédestre", meaning dull, and I always wondered why.

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