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    how swee-ut that yore gettin a littl' taste 'a good ole 'merica, way overseas! Gol-lee.

    Here in South Florida, we midwestern transplants are treated to (or should I say, punished with) a hearty dose of the New York accent year round. But sadly, there are very few French accents in the region. And I can't figure out why - it seems that any rude Parisian would simply adore rude, blue haired New York retirees...hmmm.

    If it's Thursday, we must be in Pay-rus!

    Heh. Having lived in the South most of my life, I can turn it on with the best of them. You should hear Steph try say "pen" with a southern accent - and all three syllables. It's hilarious!

    gawd, sadly enough I grew up around people that spoke this way. Thankfully, I'm in London. Now. Forever.

    It is funny to hear from time to time.

    Sadly, my high school's full name is Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, and the only people who pronounce it the correct (non-Midwestern) way are the kids who take French. Everyone else pronounces it the Midwestern way, "Noder Dayme" or just calls it "NDA."

    Had a friend living in Paris a few years ago, who came from the US.

    When the french asked him where from exactly, he'd say 'conedicut', and they'd go 'uh?'. He repeat a few times and then a light bulb would flash and the french would say 'aaaah... Kahn-ek'-tee-KUUUUT'

    I assume they thought he had a speech inpediment ;)

    I must have "southern" written across my forehead. Or, more specifically, I must have "North Carolina" written across my forehead, because I am always getting stopped by tourists here in Paris who end up telling me they are from my home state. And even when I tell them that I am from North Carolina, they say "So, is French your first language?"

    Hey, that's a kick ass compliment, Jason!

    I have heard people that love and adore say the following:

    The Louver
    Bohn Appititty
    Mercy Buckets
    Garson!! <-- yelled this in a busy cafe!

    I was just in Paris recently. I can;t believe its only 2 hours away

    Just keep up coming up with this type of content. I most certainly will stay your faithful reader. Many thanks.

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