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    Your reaction to The Scorpion King was about the same as my reaction to The Rundown - just another overwhelmingly bad cinematic experience provided by a WWE-wrestler turned SAG-member.

    Even Christopher Walken's appearance was not enough to save the movie. Perhaps it could have used more cowbell.

    Tell him I like his hat. Representing the Asian people in the rice paddies... yay!

    Oh how you make me laugh! Cultural differences are always fun to dissect.
    Incidentally, what does Guillaume think of stuff the Baldwin brothers have been in? :)

    That's unfortunate Joseph. I haven't seen Scorpion King, but I would've thought Walken could save any movie. You just can't have enough cowbell!!

    A little cowbell never hurt anyone.

    Meg, I will try to get Gui to make an appearance to answer that for himself! Going to send him email right now. Think I should have asked his permission before putting his face on internet? (Kidding).

    Hi Guigui!

    They just don't understand how transcendental everything about Miami Vice was. The plots, the characters, the sets, the threads, and oh... the music.

    Noone's done what Jan Hammer did with his synths, before, or since.

    But how could you except these silly philistines to understand?

    No, Guigui, we cognoscenti must suffer in silence, and be content, once in a while, to exchange a distant nod, across a braying crowd of nogoodniks, between people in the know...

    Rock on, my Prince!

    Guigui is yummy. I'd be happy to put up with his questionable movie choices. :)

    Erm... (*agrees with above comment*)

    *blushes and runs away*

    Wing, wing, wing...Mwhahaahaahaaa! Just kidding. I think.

    Just for the record,I think it's a French thing. My boyfriend also loves the big, hyped up hollywood movies. The flashier the better! He hates all French movies and complains incessantly whenever we rent one...funny enough he even likes Jackass! Who knew?

    Oh, and I've lived in LA for the past 8 years before moving to France so he loves going home with me. SIGH, I thought I was going to get away from the hype.

    I'd like to hear Gui gui's thoughts on David Hasselhoff, why the French seem to like him and why, why, why (!) did Hollywood ever give him work?

    I bet he's fun to talk to... I love cinema of all sorts too!

    I love your little/big "Lav-ah". So funny!

    All hail "The Rock"! Maybe I have a weakness for people named after minerals, since I happened to get stuck with a last name which is quite similar.

    i have to admit, of all the movies/tv shows you mentioned, i've only seen one (kill bill), but i'd still like to go on the record as saying i like the 'idea' of those movies, just not actually having to sit through them. I had a Miami Vice poster growing up, for example. I mean a policeman who could afford a ferrari and a $200,000 boat? Pet alligator? Wearing a suit with no socks? I mean, come on, that's classic imagery. Never saw an actual SHOW, but i feel like the world is a better place because such a show once existed.

    Don't even get me going on the Dukes of Hazzard....

    Hi Guigui!

    But The Scorpion King? I'm just sayin'. . .

    I wonder if Guigui will be attending the Dukes of Hazzard movie when it comes out (I think Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke is just horrible casting, but hey, what's a girl to do).

    Although I must admit, I am looking forward to the Bewitched movie (although I still think they should have switched the actor playing Darren halfway through the film, because that would have been the most hilarious thing ever).

    Man, I am so out of touch. I barely know any of the movies coming out now. I used to be SO ON TOP OF IT. *sigh*

    The only movie we saw together in the states was Predator vs. Alien, 'cause Steph figured there wouldn't be a lot of dialog. He was so right. Otherwise, I don't think he gets into the big blockbusters so much.


    As you are going to notice,my english is not really perfect,so I apologize for murdering the Shakeaspear's language...

    First of all,I want to say that I don't enjoy ALL the blockbuster movies!!!Actually only a few of them are interesting.I explain to you (I'll try...It would be easier if everyboby speak french worldwide!!!):the more a show is caricatural,the more it's a good one!!!The game during the movie is to guess what will going to happen next scene and how long it takes to the script writer to do his job.A movie is good when you wonder to yourself how people could have dared to carry out.
    In this kind of movie,I acknowledge that the King Scorpion is on the top!!! ;)

    To Joseph:
    what a shame!!!Christopher Walken never appeared in the scorpion king,but in another movie with our friend the mineral.Unfortunally,I don't know the english title...

    To Asian Leprauchan:
    I'm very concerned by the AsianPeopleInThe RicePaddies's condition in life...yay!!!

    To Meg:
    The Baldwin brothers are not very famous in France...perhaps because they act only in TVmovies that are only watched by insomniac.

    To Mathieu:
    Sorry,but I have not understood your comment...There are too many words I have to check in the dictionnary,which is too far from my hand.

    To Carolyn:
    You're welcome! ;)

    To Flare:
    Lol,I don't know that we like David Hasselhoff!...My record for BayWatch is 4" before throwing my TV through the window!What's yours?(I have stoped this studid game,it's too much expansive)

    ^ Hahahaaa! Hey guigui!

    I'm sure he's a nice guy and everything...but I'd much rather see the boots picture when I come to your blog. :)

    I thought it was the Germans who love David Hasselhoff. :)

    Speaking of which, he's got a funny cameo in the movie Eurotrip. That movie's a definite "must see," especially for the folks who hang around here...

    We can take a photograph of me wearing boots for Bob...

    LOL I appreciate the offer, Guigui, really...but I'm talking about THE boots picture.

    We have the same taste in films. I go to the movies to get away from life and be entertained.

    Kill Bill II rocked even though he wasn't in it! That eyeball snatch was the bom!

    If things blow up, and the good guys win, and there's some gratuitous jiggle by nubile starlets, then count me in!

    Eurotrip? Never heard of it? Guigui? any thoughts? ;)

    Eurotrip:this a teenage movie from the director of the cat in the hat (Shaffer).I've never seen it but an american movie that takes place in Europe is inevitably irritating (for european people I mean):old-fashioned cars,old-fashioned clothes,...etc
    If you want to see how Europe was 20 years ago, watch a recent american movie!!!


    I live in California not to far away from Hollywood. Come stay with me anyyyytimme and I'll show you around.

    You can take picture of yourself in anything--just take pictures.

    Guigui, sorry you have terrible taste in movies, but luckily you are cute enough to get away with it. Am I understanding you like them because they are predictable?

    Has no one spoke of Hasselhoff's cameo in Dodgeball?? Classic...
    ps...hey guigui...

    Guigui is for Gorgeous as Island Girl is for innnnnnnnnnnn looooooooooooooooove.

    I knew I should have picked Paris over London.


    Wait, I moved to London to marry my *ahem* husband. That wouldn't quite work....


    To Michele:
    Hum...thanks!(I'm becoming red and I'm looking at my shoes)

    To Kiki:
    It's cool to be forgiven because people think you're cut!!!(I'm becoming more red and I notice that my left shoe is spotted)I'll try to take advantage of this more often,especially with my boss...
    In fact watching a cheesy movie (it's the right expression?) is only fun with friends.It's a sort of...collective regression. ;)
    ps:and after the movie we play lego or with old G.I Joe figurines...

    To Jen:
    I haven't seen Dogeball yet,but friends told me it's a good Ben Stiller's movie!!!
    Why people take care about David Hasselhoff?
    He's so famous abroad?

    To Island Girl:
    Is your husband tall,strong and does he practice sport combat?

    No, he doesn't practice sport combat actually. Good point. ;)

    guigui, you are too cute. lets get your boot picture up.

    what did you think of the car movies-- Gone in 60 Seconds, the Fast & the Furious, etc.?

    Hi Guigui. Realizing this is rather late...but I am killed by the whole "maybe it could use more cowbell" line. Ah well. SNL rocks.

    I think GuiGUi is hott!!! white hott!!!!

    Je suis d'accord avec Guigui: tout le monde devrait parler du bon français.

    That's easy to understand why french people like Starky and Huch... it's all about the french voices. They were hilarious!

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