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    Been there, done that!

    I applied, of all things, to be a manager of a yarn store. Not only have I been a manager before, but I knit! PERFECT MATCH!

    Then I got the "we're sorry, but other applicants more closely matched our search" email. I felt like my heart was ripped out, and someone had done a little jig upon it. ARGH!

    Here's to hoping the next one's the one!

    I am so sorry to hear about the cockroaches. I feel your pain. The only offers I have received are the ones where they want me to work for free. Do I look that desperate? (yes, I do)

    Oh, those rat bastages. They clearly have made the wrong decision. Something more fabulous is obviously on its way to you, I just know it!

    That sucks. I'm sure Vivi is right that there are better things coming your way.

    Ahhhhhhh, that's why I'm going to stay in school forever, because I don't like rejection like that, even in the context of the job hunt.

    oh darling--- the mean reds have descended upon you? I am so sorry--- get yourself to a cafe, stat. Order a glass of red wine. Drink slowly as you take in the beauty of this magical city where you live. Know that it is all going to work out. It is. An even better job waits for you around the corner . . gros bisoux

    Dang, that sucks, Coquette. I'm sorry for you, and I wish you the best of luck in moving on...

    Something MUCH better will come along. Trust me. Everything happens for a reason. (Or at least that is what I tell myself when bad things happen.) My fingers and toes are crossed that you will now find your dream job.

    Sorry you didn't even get an interview. I've been in the same situation and it sucks. Good luck with the job search. :o)

    Hang in there!! Something much better is bound to come along for you.

    Love the cockroach phrase. mais oui!

    Dé. So. Lé! (Vraiment!)

    je pense fort à toi!!!!
    Message perso rien que pour la coquette
    je t'ai laissé un message sur ton tel fixe
    je te rappelle demain, pleins de bisous de toute la famille, prune, agate, et tous les arbres
    je taime ;-)

    "Nobody gets outta here without singing the blues."

    Your kind comments mean so much to me, everyone. Thank you. Chocolate has been consumed. And, Bluepoppy, you write good prescriptions--red wine and a view of the city seemed to put things in perspective.

    Oh, my dear! I know this feeling. I have a stack of over 100 letters, I am not kidding, stating the exact same thing or something along those lines. Keep that chin up, soemthing will come along... especially when you're not expecting it. I was sitting in a restaurant balling my eyes out to my friends because my hubby and I had gotten in the biggest fight ever (packed my bags to head home and everything). So in the midst of this I pick up a Korean newspaper and voila! There was my job!

    Funny how things work out and the circumstances. Take care of yourself and let's get coffee sometime and I'll totally let you vent and then we'll go shopping? :)


    PS. Serial comment blogger strikes again!

    There's nothing else for it. Squash that nasty bastard under the heel of your (extremely chic) shoe.

    Well, at least you weren't made to feel stupid at a temp agency that makes Anglophones take Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and typing tests in French. The results of which made me look like I made up the degrees I have. Oh, the shame one suffers in getting a paycheck. complimentwhosewondered baseinchesmelted

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