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    that was a great post. i'm wondering how you are going to attend the shows with blind needing-to-pee dog on hand. will you be done dog-sitting by then? or will you just bring him and let him pee under the stage? :)

    UGH. Anna Wintour.

    I have a mannequin in my room that sort of resembles her, that is, wooden and soulless. Every night I take a baseball to it twenty times and then it falls over and I stomp on it.

    Here I was, expecting a nice lil' rant on Oscar fashion that would put mine to shame, but alas, I guess I actually have to settle for actual fashion show reviews.

    Woe. Is. Me.

    Dog-sitting gigs rock. Yay for doggies! (I just watched "Good Boy!" last night, so I'm even more giddy about dogs than usual at the moment, so don't mind me).

    Ma pauvre chérie!!!!
    Moi non plus je ne suis pas vraiment ravie de la semaine qui arrive!! Trop de boulot!
    Quand tout sera fini on se retrouvera dans la tranquilité de nos appartements et on regardera des films bien cheesy en mangeant des oursons en guimauve... Sans chien!!!
    Bon courage à toi

    Well, it can only get better from here on out.

    Bouncy red balls & circus music? How freakishly strange. But then again, he did have his show in Bercy and had to do something to draw the attention from the drab setting.

    So, do you take the dog with you?

    I can tell you're having fun... you're going to sleep for a week when this is all over.

    Look forward to the next installment.

    Now, if you had told me you were going to be attending the latest Isaac Mizrahi for Target show, I might be impressed. I mean, who has heard of Stella McCartney (besides her best friends Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Chelsea Clinton). And I thought people stopped wearing Chanel after that whole JFK/Jackie O thing.

    And did I mention that I hate you and I won't be reading your blog for the rest of the week?

    ...blind dog...models bouncing on red balls...leopard-spotted faces...circus music... Who cares if their line sucked? I needed to read that post. :) My mother once got a dog-sitting gig in a house high in the Hollywood Hills (the one I dubbed "Graceland in Earth Tones"). The dog peed all over the house. I guess she felt it was a good trade-off: Hollywood house and Benz to drive vs. peeing little yippy dog. You must really be fond of this dog to take him under your wing during such a VERY IMPORTANT WEEK! This is better than Project Runway...can't wait to read your posts the rest of the week as you build up to your Chanel finale.

    oh my god - CHANEL! Am so jealous. That red ball/cat ear/leopard print face/circus freak show sounds so funny - did you manage to keep a straight face? I can't keep one anyway after reading your above post :) Looking forward to your reviews next week - and good luck with the bladder-challenged blind dog!!

    Wow, congrats, Coquette! Couldn't happen to a nicer girl :)

    The only fashion shows I've ever been to were the Shirtology gigs from a few years ago. Went as a friend of a friend, and the only thing I could possibly have worn and not died of shame were the sweaters, but dang!

    Formal evening swimwear for the grande-dame gay host... blew my little corseted mind thru the mirror, lemme tell ya!

    Looking forward to the rest of the week :)

    oursons en guimauve! Your cousin knows how to take care of you!

    Ha ha, I see you found the unique angle you were looking for.

    Go girl!

    I am bouncing on a red ball wearing cat ears right now... what a coincidence!

    Hell yeah superwoman! Give 'em hell!

    I want to know about the outfits you've chosen to wear to these events. And about the people in the audience as well. Because that's often so much fun to look at also.

    I think you should take pics of your outfits everyday! I'm so muy muy jealous. Jason Stone - Funny you should mention Isaac's show, it actually takes place here in Omaha, NE. We call it fashion weekend. Target puts on all of their big shows and then K-Mart. The Jacquelyn Smith line looks real promising. I wouldn't so much call it ready to wear as much as "highly suggest washing first and then ready to wear". And fashion weekend is misleading because its only on Saturday. Sunday we have to go to church.

    Jason, Coquette - I know I should be over the whole you live in Paris, I live in the midwest (aka fashion siberia), but some days it is still difficult for me. So my Old Navy butt better get some work done today!

    Have a great time!!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Put the dog in diapers and write more! Need. More. Fashion. Info.

    First of all WAY COOL that you are going to the Paris Fashion Week shows!!!!!!!!! Milk it la coquette, milk it! And I utterly love that you were posting from McDonalds on the Champs Elysee. Something about the juxtaposition of the high with the low always lights sparks in me.

    Love that, running from the fashion shows to McDo's to blog. How refreshing to hear 'what were they thinking?' fashion shows always seem so bizarre, but fascinating none the less. And really, how can clothes be intellectual, unless they are horn rimmed glasses I'm not buying it, besides everyone knows those are accessories anyway. Can't wait to hear more.

    Ah the intrepid reporter who braves all dangers (eg. being mugged in the Champs Elysées macdo, slipping over in those heels in the inevitable puddles of coke) to bring us the latest and greatest news... even if it is just the fashion shows ;)
    I love it!

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