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    before clicking, I thought you had perhaps gotten a big, woven bag to carry your fruits and vegetables in, like a real frenchwoman. but alas.

    Although yesterday, I saw a lady carrying a big ol' rug, rolled up, tossed over her shoulder, and I thought "Coquette!" heh

    I was going to guess a bag as well, but I guess a rug does make sense.

    But I really want a big straw bag. Sigh. The fibres shed everywhere, though, and I hate that.

    Praise the Lord for a superb digital camera and a reliable memory card!

    I can barely remember the days of Coquette BP (Before photos)

    A rug! Madame L will be so pleased. Yell and stomp away!

    You got your tapis! Excellent! Though it looks a bit uncomfortable to walk barefoot on; maybe just because it's in Extreme Close-up?

    Enfin! Vous l'avez acheté! C'était lourd, ça, à l'escalier?

    I'm venturing a guess that this is a political response tactic, to maintain apartment living harmony.

    Is that the rope you're going to use to tie up your grumpy neighbor?? just kidding...really!

    wholewheat pasta?

    Ah, j'ai oublié de vous renseigner: je suis doublement diplomate de l'Université de Neaudeurdéme (Pardon, je me rends compte que cela soit difficile a prononcer). Et quoi qui me nuit le plus: c'est des gens qui dit: "Notra-Dahhhm."

    I thought you had taken a picture of my skin after a long, cold, dry winter in New York City. I am glad to see that it was just a rug.

    OH, I know! I know! I have a rug like that in my apt! And it rocks!

    I thought about you the other day as I was buying 'patin' for the feet of our kitchen chairs. :-)

    Yes, I'd guess a typical French welcome mat. I was so happy when I bought my first French mat.

    Ouhhhh nice paillasson !

    Yes, it does look like a welcome mat up so close, I see that now. In fact it's a sort of Pottery-Barnish,beigy, sisal rug. Thank you to Habitat for your semi-annual sale.

    R.J.--I hear Neaudeurdéme is an excellent school ;)

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