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    If only I'd known! I've got a million invites but couldn't find anyone who didn't have a gmail account already.

    Now, y'all need to stop raising the bar by updating the "look and feel" of your blogs. I am really starting to feel the pressure to pay another ridiculous sum of money to give mine a re-fresh for 2005.

    And don't you love family? You can treat them like dirt and they will still talk to you.

    Oh, no. I just noticed you "improved" the headers in the left column. They are clever AND funny. I want to be those things, too.

    I've got invites up the ying yang but no one who wants them. Let me know if ya still need one, coquette.

    *tilting head to one side* Am so out of it. Gmail is invite only? What are its special powers? Do I want this thing that I don't know what it is?

    YOU wishing to be clever and funny, YOU WISHING TO BE CLEVER AND FUNNY!!!! *wiping tears of laughter from eyes* THAT is a good one. You who leave comments that make me pee in my pants (just a little, I swear) umm, like the one about asking for a Krispy Kreme donut to go with your soup. You should be charging people for this stuff, man.

    I'm glad it looks like I paid good money to make the site look different, when all I did was make the sidebar blue and the background color yellow. For the record, your site looks great just the way it is!

    Thanks Srah and jingles!

    Bluepoppy, you want it. OH TRUST ME, you want it. I've been too lazy to read the introductory email they sent, but I'm already sold on its method of archiving--every time you receive an email from someone, you have all their previous emails right at hand.

    I'm glad your happy about gmail Co. It's more of a downsize for me. Now, when I email people, I loose the prestige I had before of my university name. You know, the one that's ranked WAY higher than where you went to school. Oh well, small price to pay for graduating.

    Oh, and don't worry about the post--I'm not mad. Hugs and kisses all the same!

    I think Gmail is a good example of the Groucho Marx maxim:

    "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."

    It's only because they don't want us that it loks so appealing :)

    Girl, I could have hooked you up a whole month ago when I started reading your blog. Opps... I tried to give one to my French colleague and he was like I don't use email outside of work. *internal snicker while thinking to self* You don't use email at work either, he gets up to tell me things. What's that all about? hahahaa. Your sister's name is Aimee, very nice. Was curious who the other Aimee was.

    I want it? Then please, someone hook me up. Send me an invite. Bring me in from the cold . . .

    yes, I have the gmail as well - I don't use it for organizing like I should, but it is fun when all the emails between two people stay in one little box! And I heart the new look - not to mention the SHOES in the post below. be still, my heart!

    Ooh, la la, Coquette, how sunny your site has become. Your recent rendezvous in sunny Florida has obviously influenced you.

    But seriously, you know I don't do well with change - puh-LEASE stop changing your blog design, I beg of you! It looks great, just the way it is... (a la Colin Firth in "Bridget Jones")

    Unless you want to add some calligraphy, in which case, I can hook you up, darlin.

    i've got 5 gmail invites too .. just send me a mail :)

    I love your blog:) Was just reading some older things and "gmail" totally caught my eye because I am ADDICTED to it. My friends and I email up to 150 times a day! (Short you said, Instant Messenger-like). I love it.

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