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    You just gave me a brilliant idea. When you come back to France, I am taking you to Hotel Costes and I am buying you a drink. And neither one of us is going to take "no" for an answer from that super skinny, super pretty, super bitchy woman who might work at the front.

    By the way, you might be Eurotrash, but I am whitetrash.

    Dang, you Pariesiens have all the fun. :P

    Wait, can I come and take pictures of the event? I'll be your official photographer.

    Will: Interesting. Look at these.
    Aimee: I used to cook those treats for Seatle Brian's dogs.
    Will: You cooked for a dog.
    Aimee: Yeah!
    Will: Isn't that degrading!?

    **It's over.**



    Well, all Eurotrash isn't bad. Here's -- a tongue-in-cheek approach from a Korean American friend of mine and her Belgian boyfriend. Free MP3s of their adorable rap songs there.

    Your blog is most entertaining; that said, please spill more details. We want dirt!

    America is becoming the land of the insulted. Let's hope France and Francophiles and Europeans don't follow.

    Well, any FOJ is certainly a FO-Mine! Their site is supercool, thanks for the link.

    Oh, and, ask for dirt and ye shall receive ;)

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