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    Let me be the first to welcome you back Mlle Coquette!

    If only it were actually possible to vote on the bloggies site. Grr.

    I hope you finally caught a Karen commercial during all that MTV time!

    Coquette, We were just watching 'pimp my ride' the other night. It's strangely addicting.

    Oh, I bet we can bounce 2 euro pieces off that booty though! When I first moved to Pa-ree I lived on the 6th floor no vader and my legs and butt were awesome. We've moved since then and now live on the 6th floor with a closet elevator. My legs and butt, let's just not mention those, ok?

    I never watched those shows until I moved out of the US and now I'm totally hooked. we have MTV FR and they have All American night, dismissed, yo is the dumbest show ever but you'll know where my hubby and I are thursday nights after work. I can't beleive I'm going to publish this on your blog.

    How do you feel about people mini blogging in your comments? heh. i'm a serial mini blogger, fyi. :)

    lates <3

    Welcome back to La France, Coquette!

    Know just what you mean with books and traveling. I take more than I can read, buy some more on the way, and lug them for the whole trip. I guess it's character forming.

    I tried eBooks, and audiobooks, and they have their points... audiobooks on planes particularly, but it's just not the same...

    Welcome back to Paris!! And I can totally sympathize with you!! I also live on the 5th floor with no elevator (sorry but my butt and legs still look like I take an elevator every day and not the stairs!!). I remember one time returning from the States and two of my bags were missing at the airport. I was actually happy about it as, when they did locate them later that day, they had to deliver them to us AND carry them up the stairs!!! LOL

    yeahhh ! welcome back to the country where cheeses smells and people are frozen.. Was it not a real schock from Florida to Antartica ? ;-)

    welcome home Coquette!

    clearly in Paris, people have different priorities. we are only on the third floor here (in that whole "counting the first floor as zero" thing), but our friends always seem so winded once they make it up.

    we have taken to walking up the stairs two by two, which makes you get up a lot faster, although you look geekier to anyone you cross going the other direction. I don't really mind the stairs though, except when coming home with bags full of groceries and bringing them all upstairs... I can't imagine doing it for twice the distance. How do you do it, girl?

    Yay! Welcome home! Oh, I do miss those goofy shows on MTV and VH1 - I was a sucker for "Best Week Ever" too. I hope the jet lag isn't kickin' your ass!

    My nephew keeps telling me that if he ever gets to the NFL, the first thing he is going to do is pimp my ride... Something about a few play stations in the back so I can drive his butt around.. ha!

    Oh...a person exactly like me? Never did learn to travel light, but it does keep one...well rounded. Getting back from France is always such a shock. I fly through Dulles (to LA, if I can -- breaks it up nicely), and after seeing nary a fat person (at least not grossly so), suddenly the whole world looks like Augustus Gloop, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    You have column writers commenting on your site, Coquette? Wow! What is your secret?

    Flare--I HEART serial bloggers

    Kim--I do it in FIVE STUPID TRIPS. Unzipping my luggage for all the world to see and heaping my oh-so-neatly folded clothing into a laundry basket because I'm jettlagged and could care less.

    Everyone who talked about the relative tightness of their booties--I'm lovin it.

    Petite--I have no idea why! But I'm loving that, too!

    And this is to everyone on behalf of my Mom--I really do read. A LOT. Because I am a big book nerd and she would probably want me to say that I had an almost perfect score on my verbal SATs and I'm not a lazy couch potato. (ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, MOM!!!???)

    ^ hahahaaa! So, what's on your bedstand now? Introduce me to something new, pls!

    Ha! I'm reading kind of random stuff right now like the biography of Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser and Why She Went Home by Lucinda Rosenfeld (sort of intelligent chick lit, but I'm sure the author would hate that description) and I recently read Interpreter of Maladies--short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, which I LOVED.

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