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    Those rat bastages!! I'm sorry for the semi-sweet victory. And your mom's right; every little bit helps, even if it means more work. Hang in there! :)

    "Sort of" congratulations to you. I am glad to hear that you will be coming "home" soon.

    Congrats! :)


    But if it was easy, it wouldn't be French. I want to return to Paris, pack me in your suitcase?

    Congrats!!! I am hoping that I can write in my blog one day that I am finally a "legal" resident here in France! Oh, the paperwork!!! :-(

    Congratulations on your mini-victory! And of course you must go back to France so that I (and everyone else) can read all about your adventures. And thank god for ice cream.

    I'm not even living there (yet) and I'm feeling your pain, because I'd love to have dual citizenship. Only I can't claim being French through genetics, not even a tiny bit. Irish, Scotch, Polish and Dutch, yes, but all so many generations removed none of the ancestry matters a bit. So I am DREADING the paperwork even to get a long-stay visa to live and work in France.

    A friend of mine who is half Italian is working to get some sort of EU-wide passport through Italy... she can provide proof of direct lineage to some town in Italy. I wonder if that would be an option for you although it probably wouldn't be any faster than the 6 months they are telling to wait for the French passport.

    Just keep up coming up with this type of content. I most certainly will stay your faithful reader. Many thanks.

    Hate someone for be french it's really unfair and cruel don't you think ? I wish someday I will see a world were we understand each other.

    The new post of your blog is very brilliant!I enjoys your blog quite a lot and at the same time, I had learned a lot from YOU. Today is monday. WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAPPY AND HEALTH!

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