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    i will vote for u !!!

    Congrats! Well deserved! And yeah. Bird poop=good luck. Go figure.


    It couldn't happen to a nicer gal :D

    Congratulations, coquette!
    You definitely deserve it.

    On an unrelated note: you don't mention your Mama too much. Is she French as well?

    go coquette, go!

    Congrats Coquette! :)

    It's just as well I wasn't nominated, because I'd have to Take. You. Down. bwahahahahahahhaha...

    Eh, just kidding. You totally deserve it, ma puce! :) As soon as I can access the site I will be voting for you, as often as possible! :)

    Well, congrats! You deserve it, ur blog rocks. I'll vote for ya!

    so you got the check okay?

    Yippeee!!! Super happy for you in that strange sort of "I don't really know you, yet I feel like I do" way.

    Maybe this is how people from the Real World feel??? Like we think we know them, we don't. I think I know you, I don't.

    I feel weird now.

    Kudos and Bravo, Coquette! Your blog certainly merits the highest of praise and full Bloggie honors... Wouldn't Gibby and Ms. Eliot be pleased with their former student.

    And about the bird doodoo - do you think picking up puppy poop on a daily basis could also count as good luck? =)

    Congrats Coquette! I did my civic thing and voted for the best candidate -- you. Get out the vote!

    Dammit! Seriously, am I the only person that gets "bandwidth exceeded" on he bloggie awards site?

    Thank U for your blog, it's nice.
    Je vais voter pour toi.
    Belle vie à Paris...

    Just walked into my cold apartment, still in jet-laggy haze, but now in warm and fuzzy jet-laggy haze.

    You. guys. rock. MERCI for the support!

    Felicitations on your nomination. I just discovered your blog through the bloglines website. Reding it makes me miss Paris. It is sometimes hard to be an "expat". Bonne chance!

    Just remember, "do not believe everything that you here." A bird that craps on you is not good luck, it is only 50 points for the bird. You are only and just a statistic to them... lol.
    Congrats though on your good fortune!

    hi everybody... so if birds poop near me not on me what does it mena?


    I get crapped on by a pelican this morning, google the notion to see if it is good luck, and find myself in Paris. Such are the vagaries of cyberspace.

    Artful prose, La Coquette.

    A demain.

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    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..

    why often the tears in my eyes,i love the things so deeply!

    Like we think we know them, we don't. I think I know you, I don't.

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