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    Mm, I remember some French movie theatres sold kettle corn. (I think they called it sweet popcorn? I dont' remember, it's sadly been so long.) So much better than the butter-laden nastiness here. Yum, kettle corn.

    Did they dub the movie or provide subtitles? I love it when they translate English movie titles into French. "Bring It On" becomes "America Girls". "Bounce" becomes "Un amour infini". It was always good for laughs.

    In Paris the films are usually shown in original language, but I saw Love Actually in Le Mans last year dubbed...Wimbleton became "La Plus Belle Victoire"

    Ca alors--- this post brought back so much to me--- young wild women-- buzzed on beaujolais and giggling .. heeee--- yeah, I read the scathing reviews of BJ part deux and knew I had to avoid it . . . I guess they brought in a new director whose angle was to make BJ look bad as opposed to look sweet when SHE thought she looked bad . . big difference.

    How did you like Bree-jet Jones? I was disappointed but if I had some drinks before hadn I probably would have enjoyed it more... tho the fight scene with Colin Firth (I *heart* him) and Hugh Grant was pretty great!

    OK. Don't answer my questions because you did up there! I am trying to work and read blogs at the same time... see the result. Eek. Just found your blog through Jason Stone's and I am hooked already... :)

    Too bad about BJ II, the first one was so cute. Regarding the Beaujolais Nouveau... it's amazing how popular the day of release is here because the French seem to disdain the stuff. I bet the quality of the BN would be the same as a $12 bottle of wine back in the US -- generally ok, but not great.

    SOOOOOoooo funny!!

    I'm definitely waiting for the DVD before watching DJ2... Maybe I'll have some beaujolais too and see if the result is the same!

    oh my god, you made me laugh out loud! You know the only people who EVER order "la coca" at restaurants with me, are the french ones. I, an american living in paris, find often that everything I had believed or been told about the french, is often just not the case.

    salut miss!!
    nous avons lu l article sur la soiree cine entre filles, pour ma part (jane) quand t es pas la j e comprend pas grand chose, mais quelque chose me dit que ça avait l air tres drole!!
    soiree inoubliable ;-)) julie
    j avais pas le droit d etre là mais ça avait l air sympa olive
    j espere que t es bien arrivee on te fais de gros bisous
    julie, olive, jane

    Auntie M,
    I know, the BN is really nothing to write home about (even though I guess I kind of did here). It's a textbook marketing example, though!

    A French girl in the US with a blog? So happy to have discovered your site!

    The "coca" thing is so unexpected isn't it? Like the success of "MacDo" :)

    Olive, Julie, Jane,
    Ca me fait plaisir! Merci, et gros bisous!

    Bonjour! :) I was blog hopping till I chanced upon your blog. I must say this is a pretty cool blog. *smiles* Take care. Have a nice day!

    Coquette’s Wine Verdict is one of my favorite wine.

    what's Insouciant Coquette?

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