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    I agree. I'm always amazed at the different sounds each country uses. They not only have a different language for words but different sounds for actions too.

    Ah, but isn't that a lovely feeling? When you realise that you're automatically responding in another language?

    When you start doing that little shoulder shrug in conjunction with the lip-pursing.. ah, then you've really become French.

    Har! In Sweden, they do this quick intake of air to indicate "yes," they've heard you and agree with you. I was doing it BEFORE WE MOVED TO SWEDEN. *smacks self* It's just a matter of time before you're doing that lip-pursing thing, trust me! :D

    Ha! They do that air-intake thing here too! They are kind of saying "ouaih" (like "yeah") but sometimes it just comes out like a sharp breath. Funny.

    When you have your first 'oh là là' moment you will know there is no turning back....

    You know, the Germans would torture people and if they said "ow" they knew they were Americans. Pain response is burned in as a child. Oh la on the other hand can be learned and it is quite fun if you let it! Oh la la is cliche but funny as hell when my kids say it -- that and oh, je reve la.

    Auntie M, too cute that your kids say "je reve la"!

    Actually this is "Uncle M." Auntie has me reading blogs now, dadgumit.

    My mistake...glad to have you "Uncle M"!

    How about the french sigh? The sigh of discontentment or absolute disgust? I caught myself expressing it in the movies the other night... the french guy next to me sighed in agreement! Freeky! I use the "Aie" a lot too... even back home.

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