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    hi! just came across your blog from the bloggies and love it. wanted to point out that it was the fact that your friend lit her cigarette off of a candle that's bad luck not the actual smoking bit. supposedly it's bad luck as my smoker friends have told me but i have no clue why. anyway..

    no, no! if you give someone a knive as a present, you cut the friendship! and yes, they have to 'buy' it from you for a coin.

    Well, that's what we say in Australia - which, if the English had arrived a week later, would have been a French colony.


    ähm, it's a long time ago... but I'm pretty sure I know where the lighting the cigarette with a candle / mariner dead thing comes from. Mariners never earned a lot of money. To have tobacco/drinks they needed to earn extra money. so they made matchsticks for this extra money. and everytime you use a candle and not a mariner-made match a sailor will - so to say - loose his job. This is I think why.

    Btw, I just stumbled upon this blog and i like it a lot! Bookmark's in.

    Just wanted to let you know how handy your site was when I needed to get some french homework done!


    was checking out for some french superstitios when i chanced upon this blog :) great site! it was tracy chevalier's virgin blue novel that started me on researching for more french superstitions; it's a nice read as well!

    here in the philippines, giving knives as gifts mean you're wishing ill-will to the recipients. though it's nice to receive shoes as gifts, the giver should consider asking for a small token fee (even a peso is acceptable) so that the receiver will not "step on" or be disrespectful to the giver in the future. the belief about salts having a power to ward off evil is also prevalent here. and cats washing their faces are portent of rainy weather!

    Well, Frenchy,
    I think your website is puhretty lame!

    My friend[the other] Ashley agree's with me pretty strongly.

    Ya just didnt get the job done. I couldnt get ANY information. Just ah!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Im not schitzophrenic, there really is ANOTHER Ashley!!!


    Oddly enough, Russian people also share the superstition regarding knives as gifts.

    Dear Dee and Ashley:

    This is a blog. Not an encyclopedia. It is fun, kicky, and sometimes informative. If you need to do homework, go read a book. If you have enough time to be trolling about on the Internet randomly kicking bloggers, go get a life.

    -- Fountaingirl (who btw has a ph.d. and is a professor and knows from books, and fun reads, and LAAAAAAZZZZYYY students who have no reason to be critical of anyone else.)

    OOPS, Dee, apologies. There are too many Ashleys to keep track of. Snarking above not meant for you.

    Ashleys, please play rock-paper-scissors to decide who should be embarrassed and in what order.

    ok what si this about!! im looking for real french superstition for a school project! wat is this stuff i don't understand anything!

    Ya just didnt get the job done. I couldnt get ANY information. Just ah!

    If you have any proactive advice for other people please post lessons learned!

    youuuurrrr gaaaaaaay and i hate you

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