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    "She was wearing jeans, a black sweater, and black suede moccasins. Carrying a giant brown APC shopping bag." I'm so glad I didn't have to ask that question! p.s. I emailed you back saying yes!

    :D, So cool! I would want to see her, but i guess there isn't really a chance.

    juliet xxx

    I like the way you describe the scene, I can see it. I've been waiting for this moment myself for such a long time... actually, I'm jealous!

    Not creepy at all! I totally understand how you feel..but than I'm kind of weird...hmmm.

    Very interesting. I'm not one to read celebrity autobiographies, but Sofia's mother has just released one and I may have to buy it to see what kind of juicy information I can gleam about Sofia.

    She just has an immense air of mystery about her it's fascinating.

    In my mind, I twin her with Charlotte Gainsbourg for some reason. Possibly because she provokes the same reaction in me.

    Speaking of Charlotte...Have you ever seen her around La Belle Ville?

    (Love the blog btw. Long time lurker.)

    ...oh how exciting...!!! and i agree with géraldine you described it well....(oh but i remember when i saw lou doillon in the marais...i froze like a statue..i didn't even think to follow her...) heheheh...

    I think the thing is that exaltation of celebrity is so ingrained in our culture that we are all conditioned to feel as if a celebrity is a Significant Person. Even more so if their celebrity has been "earned" through worthy endeavor.

    And when we see a celebrity, we feel that we have been granted a brush with Significance. And some sort of meaningful interaction with Significance will rub off on us and imbue us with at least a fraction of the glow.

    But it doesn't and the only thing more fleeting than the significance of celebrity is the significance of an encounter with a celebrity.

    They do, however, make nice fodder for cocktail party chatter. And, to that end, it's worth stalking film directors in clothing boutiques.

    P.S. If I saw you in a store, I'd probably have a post reporting the fact on my site..."OMG! I was ten feet from La Coquette!"


    The girl sitting behind me at the Cubs game last night bumped into John Cusack when she was buying her beer at the concession stand.

    That's probably about as close as I'll get to a brush with Significance this week.

    I wouldn't know Sofia Coppola if she ran me over with a Velib or cut in front of me at the Monoprix or stole my table at Chez Omar. And she wouldn't know me, either. If I locked eyes with her, I'm certain she'd be gazing at me and asking: "Is that Richard Dreyfus?" If I locked eyes with her, I'd be asking: "Would she be in phase one of the 'rule of two''? - my insane little phenomenological poem about meeting/seeing people in the street. If they are significant, I see them twice. It's a rule. It works.

    Saw her father once at my university. Some student handed him a reel after his lecture on film. Big Coppola scooted off in his big black Rolls. No rule of two there!

    she the lovely wonderous sofia is my favorite american director ever. she is kind. can't wait to see her ads for dior.

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    well my dear, you do know the bar has now been raised-- your next siting of SC will be at a mutual friend's place where you bump elbows as you both reach for the brioche on the buffet at the same time-- and oh, how you will fast become bosom buds--

    uh-oh, not another sofia post. I think we need to set you up with a hunky French guy before this obsession grows serious.

    I was just there in june and I saw Charlotte Gainsbourg on Rue du bac unloading her car in full tennis gear. I was so stoked I just stood there and stared and when I told my friend I had the utimate buzzkill; she had no idea who she was. So bummed. No one to share the glory.

    Thanks for sharing! I always expected to see her but never did. I followed Kanye from the tents in the Tuileries down to the Place de la Concorde during Fashion Week... Felt like a total creeper, but meh.

    lol that's funny
    i love how you relate the event :)

    Becs, Oh I didn't know her mother had a bio out. I might have to read that too. No, I haven't seen Charlotte ever in person. But that would certainly be worth a post... (Thanks for the nice compliment, btw.)

    Chester, haha, we should have set up a meeting when I was in Cali! It crossed my mind but the trip went by so fast...

    Kathleen, oh but she brough CUSACK pixie dust back with her. That's like, the most highly intoxicating celeb brush there is.

    Matthew Rose, you know what's funny? My friend Stefanie called me Friday night to say Sofia was behind her in line at Chez Omar.

    Elizabeth, you would be the first one I'd report it to, cherie!

    Neil, haha. So right. So, so right.

    Danielle, I know what you mean. It's moments like that where having a blog comes in handy. :)

    Anna, off all people, you know Kanye loves it. :)

    I'd reckon that celebrities expect to be recognized and even followed in a public place. I don't think what you did was creepy at all.

    I must admit, I probably wouldn't recognize Sophia Coppola. Especially if there were shoes to look at. ;)

    Yes, I have totally seen Sofia around Paris too, and totally stalked her. And stalked Charlotte Gainsbourg in La Grande Epicerie (she bought an awful lot of yogurt). You're not toute seule.

    Meeting a celebrity while working retail is surreal. When it happened to me, all I could think was "Who's ever going to believe me?" I couldn't even believe it myself.

    I would have followed her too.

    You are NOT crazy. I grew up in San Francisco where Sofia is from as well. We use to have out little "moments" at Steps of Rome Cafe, the mall, and various "accidental" places. I enjoyed your entry, it brought back fond memories.

    sofia coppola is so overrated; jesus people in fashion are such sycophants.

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