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    Now you've got ME laughing--- and boy howdy, do you look like your beautiful mother!!!


    Well hello Elizabeth up there! - I was going to say the same thing about you and your mother Elisabeth..and your giggles are so sweet!

    That video made me miss you and your family so much! Remember that time we went to that haunted house on Church Street in Orlando and your mom got so nervous she couldn't stop laughing! I am sorry we never got to meet up when you were home over Christmas. Miss you!

    Elizabeth, Claire, xxxxx

    Cortney, wow, I had forgotten that totally! I was sorry I missed you too, especially since I saw your parents and Tom and Dalyn. And I miss you.

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    Any story about French Boy Scouts makes me crack up too. Probably because in French it sounds like "scoot." I remember my French host mother was telling me a story about les scoots! les scoots! And I was all, quoi? Les scoots? That made me giggly. Also the time she was going on and on about le ski de phoque, in front of a bunch of my American friends. That was also a time when the giggling built into uncontrollable, snorting laughter, and no one wanted to explain to her why it was so funny. I miss France!

    a very funny video ;-)we should shoot diners more often in our daily life ...


    your blog is so cool, you are in my links of the day!

    a kiss and a hug,


    Well :D at least you had a laugh.

    juliet xxx

    your mom speaks french????? or can understand it?:) and they still didn't talk to you when you were little in french??

    Diary of Why, YES, The word "Scoot" sets us off too. I just didn't want to explain that in the post, but my sisters and I once went to a wedding with a ton of "scoot" attendees. (The groom was a scout leader.) We could not. stop. laughing.

    Kira, thanks!

    Kim, Yes! Terribly unfair of them. I am always threatening to call child services. Haha, I jest. (But not really.)

    Thank you.

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