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    VIVE LE TICKET DE METRO. I think you americans call it the "landing strip". It has to do with hairs... not the ones your hairdresser gets to work on though...

    Awww man, Kiwi beat me to it.

    Remember that conversation between Adam Goldman and the French guy, at the party? Later he said he'd spoken to a vagina fascist (the French guy had ranted about girls and their "metro tickets", and how much he hated that).

    Adan was talking about "Hitler's mustache" vs. the "carnet metro" as in the movie. I forgot that you saw the film. I'm sorry I didn't introduce you properly. But he's one of my "friends" who left me on the sidewalk, fyi.

    ...and perfectly accented French mon cul. But thanks for shilling for me ; )

    Really enjoyed the show too! Eclectic, unexpected -- and I agree that the musical performance midway through was one of the many highlights! I particularly loved Gentry's costume -- and I was doubly impressed to learn she made it herself! That Nicolas Ulmann -- he was quite a character. Not being up to speed on all the Paris happenings, I didn't realize he was so much in-demand... And he's definitely got talent -- he knew how to run (away with) the show!

    Only wish we didn't have to leave before the end... (Guess that's what happens when you live in the 'burbs, though, like me.)

    Was nice meeting you!

    The landing strip. Ha! I don't know how I could have forgotten that. It was certainly a memorable observation. Thanks, guys.

    Alice, good to meet you too!

    Was such a fun evening! Gentry well done! La Coquette I saw you and meant to introduce myself but got I distracted by a boy I have a crush on! Gentry sorry I didn't call you yesterday, my deadline has been extended so maybe I can grab you for a few minutes at the Institut de Bonheur! I'll send you a texto now!
    xox Girl and the City

    Hi Elisabeth, (cant find your email on here) it was lovely to meet you on Wednesday :) I hope you had fun in APC! I should have asked: would you fancy meeting for a coffee one afternoon? I was actually planning to email you with a few questions for my book, on Parisienne style, settling in, meeting people etcetera.
    I’m busy next week with fashion week, as I am sure you are too, but on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th I am free. It’s crazy because I’m doing a bit of voluntary work for a local newspaper at home, and all these invitations have come! Although I guess I am waiting in vain for Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga to arrive in my post box.

    omgoodness, he's SO adorable!!

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