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    I absolutely love the 10th!!!
    Make a point to check out Le Valmy on the Pont Valmy. Very nice people (very cute barman!).

    I agree with you on the Canal St-Martin. Shivery indeed. In a good way, of course!

    What a lovely post - and strangely appropriate to my state of mind. I am leaving Oxford very soon to move to London (it's not too far, only two hours by bus ;) Your writing summoned up such nostalgia - after moving across three continents in the last eight years, I would expect to become somewhat detached from the whole "moving" process, but...places grow on you so much...and I loved reading about the relationships you have made with your neighbourhood...I have a feeling I will still be nipping back to Oxford, just for the pleasure to be able to walk into a tiny shop and have people recognise me.... I hope you find the same intimacy in your new neighbourhood - sounds like you will be surrounded by friends :) Good luck with it all!

    It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...

    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?
    Won't you be my neighbor?
    Won't you please,
    Won't you please?
    Please won't you be my neighbor?

    Sorry, just had a Mr. Rogers moment. Glad to have you, neighbor. I can already picture us sipping cocktails on the place.

    Don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I've enjoyed reading it for a good year now, and I felt I had to roll out the virtual welcome mat to the 10e. I don't know about the Brooklyn comparison, but it is a fantastic neighborhood, and the bobo situation isn't that bad. Not yet at least. Also if you enjoy Indian food (and who doesn't ?) you're never more than 10 minutes from a great restaurant or exotic grocery store.
    So welcome, then. Am looking forward to reading your first posts from my side of the river.

    you'll get used to rive droite... Even I did...

    everyone knows that brooklyn is better than manhattan anyways. The 10th is all the cute guys and cute restos.

    It's all happening now eh? Have a great time in Chicago, you'll be back to thaw in springtime Paris, how perfect! xx

    Its much more cool hip and bobo than the 5th!!!!

    En plus tu as la super rue Martel et le resto Le Martel!

    Bon demenagement!

    french brooklyn sounds like a lifetime of happiness :)

    I cannot resist to answer Stephanie's reference to Mr. Rogers and embarass my daughter one more time. When Elisabeth was five years old we (dad and daughter) joined a popular YMCA program called "Indian Guides and Indian Princesses"; the goal was for fathers to spend more "quality time" with their sons and daughters - a very chic concept in the mid-80s in the USA. I loved being in the program as much as Elisabeth and her two younger sisters Aimee and Jennifer did over a 12 year period. We had weekend Camp-outs twice a year (Fall and Spring times) with lots of fun activities, including a "tribe" skit at the end of the Camp-outs. Elisabteth established herself right away as a natural actress. I struggled myself, but hit it big when the other dads talked me into playing Mr. Rogers in one of our skits. They all said I was perfect for the role! "And that's the rest of the story. "

    la vieille france in the 19eme, near the parc buttes chaumont & laumiere metro station, has delectable pastries.

    Hmmm...exactly which PART of Brooklyn are we talking here? Just kidding...(well sorta). (Bed-Stuy...need I say more?)

    I can't wait to hear more about your new adventures, this time from the 10th! Congrats on the move!

    salut! not sure if you remember me or not, the random french student from oberlin college from last spring. anyway, i'm finally making it to paris over thanksgiving weekend, and my french professor (whom also posted, i think) wrote me saying i have to meet you. however, i see you'll be gone by the time i'm around, so he will have to be disappointed. good luck with the move and job. let me know of some special little shop i should visit that nobody knows about. peace ~ colin

    All the best with the new maison...liked the comparison to Brooklyn, and I think the area by Canal St. Martin is quite charming.

    welcome to my neck of the woods- the 10th is where it's at, believe me. been here for over 3 years (originally from lawng island, NY)..i've made it a habit of running along the canal a few times a week (a strategic route that involves passing a 'caserne' to catch a glimpse of the hot pompiers') which is just beautiful..and the restos are amazing..i can give you some of my favorite addresses. what metro are you at? i'm goncourt/belleville. bienvenue!

    i agree with april that french brooklyn does sound like a lifetime of happiness..and i know what it's like to become attached your neighborhood..

    for all of the flak williamsburg receives for it's hipster overkill, my two favorite times of day are my walks to and from the subway down bedford ave. not just for the "hipster" eye candy, but also to walk by the Polish bakery, and wave hello to the manager of my fav Mexican restuarant or the two guys who own the antique shop on the corner. It makes the big city feel so much smaller, in a good way.

    PS The best part of this post was your Dad's comment - so cute!

    Congrats on your move to that "delux apartment in the sky"! Any neighborhood that has theatre in the square a stone's throw from your front door is A-OK by me.

    And safe travels to Chicago, lucky duck!

    the 10th ROCKS-- and more space for you? you will love that LOVE that and also, the 10th is not the tourist mecca that the 5th is-- although, we all know how I feel about le quartier latin-- the love is deep.

    AND HOW much more space? Guest couch? space on the floor for a sleeping bag?

    All the cool people live in Brooklyn... and the 10th.

    I've been living in the 10th now for over 2 years, I wouldn't live anywhere else. You'll soon see, it's brilliant.

    Wait a minute... I AM from Brooklyn and I thought IIII lived in the Paris Brooklyn, the 14th near the Puces.... but we have lots of bobos too... Could you have bought the studio you were living in -- your landlady would have had to give you first dibs and a better price, even though I imagine it is probably outrageously expensive... just curious

    In my neighborhood!

    I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I've really enjoyed reading it for the past few months; often your posts are serendipitous to what's happening in my life, though I'm not sure how to express that in a less creepy way. I am going from Chicago to Paris for the next three months (see what I mean?) and was hoping to find an Anglophone yoga studio when your post tombee du ciel. Good luck with your move and your visit to Chicago and I hope you'll blog frequently from the Windy City.

    The neighborhood change will be so fun for you! I don't know how you do it with all those tourist around all the time. The 10th will be a breath of fresh air, I think. Though your old apt was charmingm I think having a bathroom and a kitchen in two separate areas of the apt will be very nice. Happy moving!

    wait wait HOW did I miss the comment from Papa de la Coquette?!!!

    Is that not adorable? Indian princesses-- petite tiger lillies!!

    Bonjour, Elizabeth. Tu ne me souviendras pas je suppose parce que je n'etais jamais ton professeur. Mais, je te souviens tres bien. Maintenant, parce que je n'ai pas d'accent francais, je continuerai en anglais. I am a voice from your past at St. Edward's School. I never had the chance to teach you because I only taught one class. As Head of the Upper School and Academic Dean, I was limited to only that one section - usually French I. I remember you well, though, from all your involvement in music and theater. I am trying to recall who your friends were and am wondering if that was the group that included Kathleen Christie and others. Anyway, I happened to be in the Indian River National Bank on business yesterday and ran into your dad who gave me your blog address. We figured it would blow your mind to hear from me. You make me incredibly jealous. Paris is the city that is imbedded deep in my bones. I lived there for a year as a sophomore in high school. Jan and I spent an entire summer there as our honeymoon and have returned as often as we could ever since. We were last there during the 9/11 tragedy and are more than ready for another visit. While I was in school there, my parents, sister and I lived in a pension, not too far from where your are, on the rue d'Assas in the 6th - the opposite side of the Luxemburg Gardens. We have also stayed in the 5th but most recently took advantage of an apartment rental opportuintiy and have fallen in love with the 18th, on the back side of Montmartre. It is like an independant village within the big city. Few tourists are there, so it retains its true Parisian flavor. I understand from your dad that you are moving to the 10th - a nice area, too. Anyway, know that I am jealous of you, enjoyed reading your blog, even though women's fashions are not really my greatest passion and hope that maybe our paths may cross sometime in Paris. Warm good wishes to you. Sincerely, Dana Shaw

    Are you sure the canal is giving you shivers? I think it's probably hives. I've seen the water in that canal...

    Sorry to hear you're leaving the left bank. But now you can joke that you're not gauche anymore. :)

    Sounds pretty fantastic to me... I don't know about the shower in the bathroom bit though. Seems rather common. :)

    Love the 10th!

    ooh, Dani, I do that "along the Canal and past the pompiers"run too. Did you know that if you go at 9am in the week the pompiers are out too and very friendly indeed....

    Hi. Take a look on my shoes :
    Marina (from France)

    Please sit in café Prune along the canal and have an apero on me.
    Bonne moving :)

    Hey cool, then maybe we can have a pique nique on the Canal (well ok as soon as the weather get's a bit warmer) :)


    Welcome to Par-ooklyn. The right bank is great. We have Rose Bakery, the best Tamil food in kilometers, and the Comme des Garcons store. Not to mention THREE of the four Laduree outposts in the city. It's all good, over here on the Park Slope of Paris!

    Thirty minutes. Tops.

    Coucou Elizabeth,
    As for yoga, the people at Anjaliom are great. I came all the way from Brussels to do a 2 days vinyasa practice with Seane Corn in September and I loved it.
    You'll definitely see a difference with the 5th, but hey, seen from the outside, you're still living in Paris! ;o) enjoy your new home

    Hello. I have put you in my links. Please tell me if you do the same.
    Marina (from France)

    Colin, I hope you had a great time...

    Elizabeth, there will be a pull-out couch! Pull up expedia, and start planning a visit!

    Jamie, would you mention that I sent you if you go to Rasa Yoga? They're good people.

    Mr. Shaw, hello! Thanks so much for coming by. I was talking to Kathleen last night about how I wish I could make it for the alumni party this year. As for Paris, I agree, a visit is always a good thing. And I, too, enjoy the area where you stay. Very village-like there in the 18th.

    haha faut vraiment être ricain pour aimer le canal saint-martin

    Wonderful blogs, but about the last two paragraphs (mean I don't really understand. Can you explain it?

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