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    ooh la la, j'aime beaucoup the shoe on the left! What a lovely heel it has! I predict there will be some awesome toe cleavage going on with those babies.

    Indeed, the ones on the right are just simple, but they are the most comfortable and stable heel I have ever tried on. And excellent toe cleavage, indeed.

    They're also a much darker grey than they look in the picture.

    wow, an equally comfortable and sexual heel! so elusive. I love the moral justification ensuing a footwear purchase :)

    Okay, I'm being coy and am just going to come right out and say it. They're Manolo Blahniks. I can't afford them, but at 75% off, I couldn't not afford them either.

    *round of applause* this feels like over-shoe-buyers anonymous! just think that Manolos are an investment! everybody needs a killer pair of shoes...or thirty.

    Wow. My heart just stopped.

    Even at 75% off, there's no way I could afford Manolos. But maybe it wouldn't hurt to go look around... right?




    unenlightened observation

    sour grapes comment

    philosophic unction

    self pitying closer

    I don't think that shoes that pretty require any justification.

    Amy, I will email you the deets.

    J, what would you say if I said I loved you?

    sigh. they're stunning. supple, flirtatious, a sense of humor, and elegant.

    OHHHHHH... They are so fabulous, both pairs. I could NEVER, EVER buy a pair, even at 75% either... or could I?! I'm a firm believer in quality and investment -- and some great style added into the mix doesn't hurt!

    But I don't know when I could make it between now and Sunday (Maybe after work this evening?! Wonder how late they're opened...)

    I'm going to pop you an e-mail, Elisabeth, hope you don't mind!

    Where is it, where is it??

    I just got back... and shoeless, amazingly! But oh, it was very very hard. I showed up with 25Euro in my pocket and no CB, so that helped.

    Even so, I think I would have found a way to snatch up the _gorgeous_ black silk slides with grey fur rosettes (a steal, at only E75), except they weren't in my size. Good thing... kind of.

    l’Apparemment Cafe, eh? I used to live just around the corner on rue Debelleyme. Now, I am a whole ocean away. Sigh.

    I'm stewing in my own jealousy right now. Shoes that beautiful always require a little bit of credit card angst.

    Great shoes! Would love the address.

    Please post where you found them and don't deny your fellow Blahniks believers.

    Ha! I've been diligently responding to each email and comment, but fine. It's not like I'm doing the store a disservice (although possibly the diehard clients would be displeased, but whatever.)

    maria luisa braderie
    wed. 10:30-9, thurs, fri,sat 10:30-7
    8 bis, rue de Braque 75003
    showroom no season
    metro rambuteau/hotel de ville

    Also, just fyi, I had to wait in line for an hour to get inside, so bring a book. There are clothes for men and women but the pickings there seemed slim to me. Shoe selection is good (obvs.)

    They accept carte bancaire.

    Have fun!

    Wow...I'd think that even better then buying gorgeous new shoes.

    Ooo, boy, am I familiar with the stages of justification and prevarication that go into spending more than a hundred dollars on a pair of shoes. But *clearly*, these were worth it. I am full of envy.

    the black ones were only 50.

    sooo jealous lol Nel

    sooo jealous lol Nel

    Thanks for the info- I am thinking of cancelling my hair appointment this afternoon so that I can go- a girl can NEVER have too many shoes. Plus, after the pair of Louboutins that I splurged on and have nearly killed myself in on numerous occasions (for a 13 cm heel they are comfortable but no wonder I loose my balance when I am increasing my overall height by like 10%) every other heel has become totally manageable. I need to take advantage of the situation. Plus, even if I don't end up wearing them, I take a weird pleasure in just opening up the door to my shoe cupboard and admiring the view when Jimmy and Manolo are looking back at me. I have a feeling that you can understand this feeling, Coquette...

    PS I just got back from the sale and there is almost nothing left. But the prices were amazing on what there was.

    Between the shoes and Mildred, me thinks you are ready for Chicago.

    Safe travels.

    I am envious! of those shoes and your dinning experience.

    75% off? holy crap. that is SO not fair to us on the west coast of the USA.

    sexy shoes!


    stop it!

    I missed this? I missed a shoe sale? And L'Apparemment is so lovely and cosy in the winter...Jealous? Moi? I loved J's comment X

    I too recently purchased several pairs of crack. All of which are high heels and severly non practical...

    Vive la mode! (LE mode?)


    those are soo beautiful.....i think I am going to be sick! arghhhh!

    can you give me the adress of the shop in le marais where shoes are 75 off ?? rthx luv

    You might not be in town for the winter sales, but do you have any info on braderie like this going on this next week? I'm sure everyone will forgive your lack of posts if you spoil us with insider info about another great sale like the Maria Luisa one :-)

    I'm amazed!!I adored your shoes..and they're just magnificent!!I love that huge variety in the parisian market! ;)
    Plus..I fell in love with the "-75%"..!!Wow...!

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