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    You, my dear, have what is called attraper froid. Did I not warn you several posts down about the dangers of windy spring days! Bon rétablissement...

    oh la coquette, i miss your constant updates! i fell in love with you so many a year ago (er just one i think) when i read your hilarious post about girls in paris and mary kate or some such thing and have come here faithfully everyday since. you have become a friend of high esteem that i've never met. i just wanted to let you know and also say that i would love to see more pictures of around where you live in paris and hear about more of your adventures. i am a picture monger of course. ps: check out my website-completely unrelated to france or blogs!

    Wow! Well done on getting in the WSJ - nice one! You really deserve it, I love your blog.
    Hope you get better soon!

    congrats!!! that is quite the achivement. i hope you are felling better soon. bty i adore your blog!

    Oooo. Congrats! And get well soon.


    How utterly fierce! Congrats to you!

    Sorry about the grippe perhaps?

    I recently discovered you from a link on fussy and have a wee little girl-crush on you!! You are living the life that I wish I was cool enough to have!! I like to say I lived in Paris, too...for a week. But hey! I was in a friend's flat in the 16th and even stayed in one morning to let the water meter man in. That's got to count for something. Anyway, je t'aime!! I am a smidge embarassed to say I have gone back in the past week and read all your archives. You deserve all the praise you get from WSJ and elsewhere for your blog - your writing is fabulous!!

    It isn't just you. In our other home cities, Toronto and Lovech, Bulgaria, it is 33 degrees Celcius, hot.

    Here in Frankfurt its 8 degrees and raining. This is like Novemberrrr.

    Big congrats on the WSJ mention - that's a big deal. I got one once, not for my blogging/writing but for my prior career as a career coach, and you better believe I clipped the saved the article that time!

    Coquette, hope you feel better. I'm sorry it's unseasonably cold in Paris. However, I have to tell you that here in Toronto we've had a horrible week of 40 degree weather (Celcius that is), and I think it's way worse. My classroom thermostat reached a high of 92F! It was insane, I can't believe they didn't close the schools (I'm a teacher). Anyway, congrats on the WSJ mention :)

    oh mon dieu! take care of yourself coquette! (and, HA..."candyass". love that)

    OK, I'll admit that I'm a bit of a nasty person, so that'll explain the smile I got on my face when I read you had a sore throat. With living in Paris, photo shoots, and mentions in the WSJ -- I'm glad something in your life isn't perfect.

    Feel better! (yeah, right...)

    Hope you are feeling better Coquette. The weather has been horribly cold this week hasn't it. Congrats on the WSJ article!

    Sorry about the sore throat. I had one of those once while I lived outside of Paris. I went to the American Hospital with mine. It didn't help. I died anyway. Well, it felt that way. Get well soon. Love your blog.

    Neil, Ha! I see your point.

    Like Hedi Klum complaining about that one time she got a pimple.

    congrats in public :)
    feel better, sweets. see you soon!

    I felt guilty reading my comment from above. Why should I be jealous of you just because your life is so perfect. I apologize for being nasty. I hope your sore throat goes away soon!

    (mumbling to self: "but I hope your rent goes up")

    Congrats on the WSJ blurb.

    Dear Coquette,
    Wishing you many more accolades and all good health!

    Me too. Congrats. :o]

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