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    How can you be thinking about shoes like that in the middle of December?

    Dammn, girl. Those shoes is fierce! ;)

    Welcome to the world of magazines--it totally messes you up. I've been working on the spring fashion issue so long I'm half sick of spring. And the clothes won't even hit stores for another month or two...

    thoses sergios, well they could just melt in your mouth although im not sure patent leather would taste so good.i need to get me some of those!

    I like Yves # 2 - my comment got lost somewhere?

    Sorry Bella, typepad has been acting naughty.

    elles ont lme mérite d'etre discrete ;) lol

    Love the shoes. WIsh I had reasons to wear such tall shoes. I hate how my parents are always saying how vain I am when I wear 3"s.

    Watch out for those broken sidewalks! :)

    I need those shoes!

    Nice shoes!

    Is that 10 East Ontario in the background? I used to work there! Great neighborhood. Plenty of lunch places and Michigan Ave. nearby.

    Sergio should be on sale (which doesn't mean a whole lot dollarwise, but it does mean something) after the holiday at

    No, no no... these are spring samples! They're not in stores yet!

    They're cute. Do you know that here in Wales there is no such things as summer shoes? If they're lush, they're all year round shoes!

    mmm.. i live in platforms, always have. my boy toy asks why not find a more sensible shoe, but i stick firmly to the belief that certain shoes are made for certain women. (though i keep my normal heels around for evenings out and when trying to be low key, ie: professional)

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