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    Now if only I could speak as articulately as I write 20-page analytical essays, the GRE judges of conversation would agree, "April demonstrates superior facility with sentence structure and language usage but may have minor errors that do not interfere with meaning..." blah blah blah. No one ever understands what I say but hell yeah, writing well is the ultimate revenge!!!

    That shirt was MADE for you! Gros bisous, ma biche.

    Hey, C, rather than selling ads on this blog, why don't you sell Coquette t-shirts?

    Or just sell photos of the sexy Coquette wearing t-shirts.

    Jeez, now you've turned me into a coquette. Can you be a male coquette? Is there a French word for a male coquette blogger?

    Would it be gauche to wear a shirt that says, "drinking well is the best revenge"? Because I'm not all too sure that I write well, but I'm fairly certain that I drink well...or, perhaps, "wearing low-cut shirts is the best revenge"? ;)

    Jillian - I feel the same way. PS. This tee seems to make alot of girl's boobs look big. I can't wait to get mine.

    I feel like you need to have graduated from Brown or something for that t-shirt to work. Because I broke up with a girl once and wrote a really great journal entry about it. She slept with her professor, and I think I was a little more jealous.

    dude, i'd so get a shirt that said "la coquette." i so would.

    Tsop, I've been thinking about doing Coquette tees. Of course, they would have to be totally rad.

    Neil, I think the word you are looking for is "Coq"--male version of Coquette. Actually, I kind of like the idea of t-shirts just saying COQ for the guys.

    J'adore !

    hi hi how are you? i wondered if you saw my interview on about cell tech and high fashion??? what do you think?

    i feel like such a schmuck - i too, posed wearing a logo stricken t-shirt on my blog. I swear I had no idea you had just posted this!
    well, darling, atleast we are on the same page.

    love the shirt. love the blog.

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