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    Sounds great. Writing down the name of the hotel. Why don't you open up Europe's first Trader Joe's? Would people go for it?

    Yes, what is that font?

    Looove nice hotels. Love nice hotels in foreign cities.

    (And what Holiday Inns have they been staying at that cost that much?)

    I think the font is futura, at least it looks like futura. Which would make sense with the Wes Anderson reference, since that's the font he uses most often.

    VTF? Digital music library at a hotel?

    Oh, and I'm going on the record as saying 'Soho House?'

    Can't wait to see the inside of your pocket ;)

    I am salivating at the chance to stay at this hotel. I agree with Gloria though. I have never heard of a Holiday Inn costing that much. OK. I take that back. Apparently it does cost that much to stay at the Holiday Inn in London. (Just did a quick rate check on the website.)

    cool at least i have one address for my next trip there ! thanks !!!

    while i'm not sure about Ikea, this hotel looks cool... and I like the 2 pictures of you ! :)

    trader joe's is my fave. the hotel is a gem.
    ask your mom to send you some peanut butter stuffed pretzel's dipped in chocolate... pure heaven. Or the oatmeal/cranberry dunkers w/ white fudge drizzle.. mmm.

    I just had the oatmeal/cranberry dunkers in the last week. They are addictive.

    The font that Penguin uses is called Gill Sans Bold.

    Penguin actually have a book out just now commemorating 70 years of cover design. The cover is made up of book spines in that exact font. They also have a box set of short stories and extracts that makes me short circuit my laptop with the saliva dripping as I ogle it on amazon.

    Totally in agreement about hotel accomodations being the last priority of travel, after food and shopping. But if you can pull off all three, staying in a well-designed space does have its pleasures, however ephemeral. In London, cheaper accomodations tend to have heinously ugly wall paper and depressing furnishings that are an affront to the senses.

    It is sooo troublesome to find a decent hotel in London, even the so-called 5 stars are kind of creepy sometimes... thanks for the tip, will try it next time...

    How liberating is it that you're no longer anonymous? Now you can say "what zee fuck" *and* provide an awesome visual of the same phrase!

    Looks like a great time. I will have to keep this place in mind.

    WZF is my new fav. I will be injecting in to my corp world now.

    Trader Joes...swoon. IKEA...swoon. Trip to London that doesn't include protecting hair from icky dirty linens and blankets? Priceless.

    Seriously, ambient pink mood lighting? I'm there. You have seriously upgraded since our stay at the (in)famous Fred Hotel!

    I hope you didn't have to actually assemble the gizmos, IKEA-like.

    Our office designed SOHO house downtown; those in-guestroom-bathtubs were a real bitch to get right, and the roof details...

    Same building, different entrance contains VITRA showroom: excellent work, much better designed than SH. The opening party is a blur though.

    I hate Soho House, too many fat people getting massages. Too many oily Trainas.

    But I looooove Trader Joe's. Organic mustard...swoon.

    Dear Coquette,

    Fuck Stephanie Klein. You are the queen of redhead bloggers.

    Love, Sarah

    That may be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

    I have an unnatural love for this post.

    If only I had seen it before our London trip in December, where we stayed in a cubicle sized hotel room. I would have loved to have "hotel'd" too.

    I didn't know what the soho house was until I googled it, but I'm incredibly sure I won't fit in your pocket. :)

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    Rebecca Gilbert

    You are right on the money with this one. Well said!
    Mary Anne Martin

    the wes anderson font is futura. I run the wes anderson fanspace on myspace. Futura is in all his work...

    the wes anderson font is futura. I run the wes anderson fanspace on myspace. Futura is in all his work...

    I just wanted to say hi to you. Living with my name for 27 years has been hard for me but to actually know where it comes from i really appreciate it and enjoy it.

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