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    De-lurking: Lovely to see your blog in "the reader" -- I live in san diego, which is sunny and warm and beautiful (much of the time), but would give my left arm to be able to move my little family to paris. Your blog lets me live there vicariously!

    Such a cute picture! I especially love the random trunkless legs behind your right shoulder.

    Congrats on the articles.

    Such a cute picture! I especially love the random trunkless legs behind your right shoulder.

    Congrats on the articles.

    great photo to come out to us all with! welcome to world of non-anon blogging! i noticed a while back that all of the pictures in my gallery featuring me got more hits than any of the others. people are curious, yes they are.

    Considering that you live in a tourist-rich part of the city, I fully expect you to be stopped on the street on a regular basis. Only it won't be because of the foreign boobies. They're famous boobies now!

    Revel in the stardom!

    What a cute picture! You are lovier than I imagined! Congrats on the articles too!

    Cute picture, and I love the outfit, as always.

    Foreign boobies is a great phrase. So true, too. Stupid French guys were always surprised when I could trot out proper French.

    But what fun! And dog-walking definitely beats most jobs.

    Thank GOD you've come out, Coquette. Out of anonymity, not the closet, of course... It really was getting exhausting being the best bud of secret blogging downtown doll, I tell you.

    And kudos on your first SD Reader publication, lovely redheaded image, and your foreign boobies. It's officially my new favorite phrase. Bravo, Coquette, bravo.

    Oh, que tu es vraiment jolie! Congratulations on being nominated as a guest-blogger (how *did* you get that, BTW? sounds chouette) and your coming out of the proverbial Bloggers Anonymous closet! Perhaps we'll run into each other in the Quartier Latin, un jour? On verra.

    Awww, thanks for the nice comments, guys!

    My sister: Can we please talk about how John Mayer does not have boobies and you already do? Foriegn or not.

    Me: Can we please talk about how John Mayer is so PRETTY, people would stare, famous or not?

    Which is to say, don't argue with the foriegn/famous boobies logic. Bulletproof. :)

    Janna, I love the trunkless legs too. Didn't have the heart to crop.
    Ludivine, I don't know how SDreader found me, but I'm so glad they did!

    Can I say, ADORABLE haircut?

    Mais oui--- and, how FABULOSO to have a column in the San Diego Reader-- I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful career, mon amie.

    You are the absolute-all-that-and a bag of chips best blog in Paris. No wonder you have such a huge fanclub. We francophiles can't get enough of the word on the street from the city of lights. Merci mille fois!

    I finally got time to read the article and it was awesome, especially since I'm a boobies fan from way back.

    The part about not knowing how to pronounce your last name was priceless!

    What a treat! And you were always hinting that you weren't lovely.

    Welcome to the real world!

    yay! finally a real picture, every tease you gave us and the written references to your physical entity just made me curiouser and curioser. but there you are, it's so nice to put a face to the snarky attitude, and what a lovely face it is. cheers*-*

    Jolie pic M.lle Coquette, worth the wait :-)

    cool! i live in san diego too; haven't picked up the reader yet today, but i imagine you're gonna be in there

    Oh my gosh are you ever so pretty.

    Bonjour Coquette,

    So glad I didn't miss your coming out party.

    And congrat's on making your way in Paris. It isn't always easy, but you're doing it.

    Way to go!

    Hi Lisa & Mindy ~~wave~~ I live in Hillcrest

    You are just the cutest thing ever! Also, congratulations on the SD Reader mention.

    Ooh la la! Finally joining the ranks of celebrity bloggers - it's about time!
    Great picture, great article.

    Coquette, you're going to spark a revolution! You make me want to put a picture of myself on my blog! Cheers. Jane

    Elisabeth is such a sweet, classy, beautiful name. It suits you.

    wow. really. wow.

    ze shoes are just great... This picture could have been shot Place Sulpice ?

    GAW! Feeling very warm and fuzzy, thank you.

    Stu, I thought of you when they asked me to do this! I knew you lived in SanDiego before you left the petanque link. You made a comment a while back in exchange with my sister Aimee...

    Schuey, You are...amazing. Did I *tell* you this pic was taken at St. Sulpice? Cafe de la Marie, bien sur. The sweater is Zadig et Voltaire and the top is...Cacharel. But I bet you think ca fait trop jeune fille. Jeanne agrees.

    Speaking of Jeanne, she took the picture, thanks Jeanne!

    nope but I know my city quite well...
    I noticed the cacharel thing but did not comment because you know ;)

    So you decided to reveal your read identity?!
    Damn you. I have no goal in life now... My mission is abruptly ended... sob sob sniffle

    Good Pavement recon' schuey. A real parisian !

    (to tell the truth, I was sure that it was Le Café de la Mairie at St. Sulpice because of the plate ;p)

    Aw Coquette, you're pretty! I like you.

    Pretty! You look, well, Parisian.. are you sure you have not lived there all your life?

    YAY, we all know what you look like now. And you're very pretty. I guess we won't be hearing about your real name. I understand. Though I use a "real" name on my blog. It isn't my real name ;)

    What a charmed life you must lead. I don't hate you but I do envy you for living in Paris. Just a year, that's all I ask for, just a year in Paris. And, one in Manhattan, and Paris, and Barcelona, and ... From your picture I'd judge I'm about three times your age and likely my desire to live in Paris for a year won't come around, but I do have your blog now. Thank you very much, La CoQuette.

    aw, you are adorable! if my hair was so pretty i wouldn't stop touching it either.

    I don't think I've ever commented before. But in honor of your coming out--adorable! Lovely to meet you!

    You're just yummy scrummy with your cuteness - now I can be jealous of your excellent legs AND hair! Great job, Coquette!

    Thanks for the reciprolink, hot stuff!

    u r so pretty! congrats on the article. i'm happy to finally have a face to go with the stories! keep writing!

    Liz, your picture is so beautiful, you look great! I love reading al of the comments, you're so popular! Just wondering if anyone out there has started a coquette fan club yet, and if so, could I head up the American branch of it?

    Cutie! Love, love, love the hair.

    Finally. A face to go with a name. Love the hair and the clothes. Mais oui!

    Congrats on the assignment with The Reader. When I lived in San Diego, I read it religiously. Also you are a braver soul than I am. OK, so maybe part of the reason there are no pix of me on my blog is that I typically run from the camera -- like I did today at work when the tech guy tried to take my photo with his digital camera.

    congrats. pea-green of course.

    btw, pic would have been better if you had shown cleavage, legs and feet.

    Ah...was just thinking of St Sulpice today and threw it in google and there you are (belle femme!). I lived in the garret of a fleabag hotel around the corner about 20 years ago, when I was doing the spring quarter of my freshman year in Paris with Antioch College. Saggy bed, like sleeping in a hammock, but apparently the only one in the hotel without bedbugs. Got to meet Ionesco, Arrabal, and more of the anti-roman crowd our professor hung with. The rest of the time I busked in the Metro for change. Used to play pinball at Cafe de la Marie while drinking Kronenberg...once I was on such a tear winning games, it became a choice between my bladder and staying at the machine. Held out as long as I could before racing up the six flights of stairs in my hotel to the W.C., leaving eight games on the machine for some lucky soul.

    Ah, je me souviens bien...

    Somehow I thought I was your only SD reader . . . um, because the Internet is small and seldom visited? It's the curls' fault that you have to touch your hair. I am the same way.

    Good lord. You are gorgeous! Beautiful and living in Paris.
    Some people. Oy.

    wow you are so beautiful!!!

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