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    What always amazed me was that French movies are soooo much better on hot summer days. I remember watching "Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune" during la canicule 2003 and thinking it was brilliant. I watched it again a year later and was, well, less impressed. Good movie, not brilliant.

    Good luck surviving the heat.

    What I wouldn't give to run my fingers through his luxuriant curls...

    HE is the reason I bought L'Auberge espagnole.

    No no no no no no! You must tell us more! There's no release date yet for the US and that makes me hate you!

    What is it all you girls see in this guy ? I mean he's just so... wet ! The way he sits around so doe-eyed and, well, "mou" in "L'auberge espagnole" drove me nuts. I just wanted to get up there on screen and slap him round the face with a wet fish (then sneak off with Audrey Tautou - now there's some hot French property).

    I prefer Wendy. She's gorgeous in L'Auberge Espagnole (I love her accent !). And she's just so HOT in Les Poupées Russes...

    I'm trop trop jealous of Xavier.

    Wendyyyyyy !!!

    At the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton: That's hot!

    They have "The Beat My Heart Skipped" out here. Should Tom (Duris) make like his thuggish father or pursue his dream of becoming a pianist?

    There are some ugly Asian chicks in there, but Monsieur Duris and a cute baby Tom make up for it all.

    Oooh...a sequel to l'Auberge Espagnole. Didn't know that was coming. Kind of like how I completely missed the fact that a sequel to Before Sunrise had been released. Hopefully, this one doesn't suck like that sequel did. (ducking...)

    Oh, and he's also in a new (I think?) movie that I just read about in Time, where he does play a pianist. The Beat, it's called.

    We went to the movies on Sunday. Guess what?

    NO A/C.


    j'ai mange la pizza

    Srah, mhar rbrpsht. Still. brainless. can't. review.

    Okay, I loved the film, despite, uhh, it has some problems. Just don't think of it as a sequel to l'Auberge. Xavier is a writer of bad memoirs, bad t.v. movies. And he's always RUNNING. With luggage. And typing on trains. (As in, we aren't in college sitting around picking our noses anymore! We're BUSY! It's overkill.) He and Wendy are collaborating on a screenplay. Wendy lives in London. There's this princess chick in Paris whose memoir he is ghost-writing. Love and drama ensue.

    That'll be 8 euro! heeeee.

    Waterhot, ummmmm, doe-eyes

    Che, you should consider translation as a profession. The beat, my heart skipped.

    DDJ, I never saw that sequel, so I can't throw a punch, but I did sit through and read a bunch of good reviews, so I'll just lightly smack you upside da tete.

    I loved the movie too. I don't think Romain Duris is sexy, though. He just looks like...Romain Duris.

    Coquette, wasn't there a bit of running with luggage in the first one as well?

    Or at least there was some stumbling around with luggage.

    FYI: he lives in Belleville....just in case you were looking for that chance meeting where he bumps into you while you're holding another Asian-French-American birthday cake...

    Oh, you're so right Janna. Didn't he wear, like eighteen backpacks in the first?

    Stephanie, NO WAY. There's a real paucity of stalk-worthy Parisian actors. This is valuable information.

    He reminds me of one of Rachel's boyfriends on Friends, and it's that same guy who played a bad guy on Felicity...and I think he was also in Anchorman...

    He might live in belleville but I bump into him all the time around the Marais. The first time I spoke to him I didn't even recognize him because I always think of him as the guy in the "Auberge" with his neat little BCBG haircut and buttondown. His regular look is a 180 from that. Problem with all these chance encounters is that I think that he thinks I am stalking him now...

    He looks quite a bit like the guy who lives across the hall from me. Odd...

    He looks quite a bit like the guy who lives across the hall from me. Odd...

    Nicole, is his regular look the Parisian shaggity white boy afro? Like he wore in Le Divorce? I can't believe you have spoken with him. Was he cool? Does he have a big head? In the figurative sense?

    Completely the shaggity white boy afro. It was so weird when he started talking to me, I couldn't place him at all but I knew that I had "seen him around" so I figured it was a friend of a friend I met at a party or something. I walked away still not knowing who he was and then a girlfriend of mine went nuts once we got around the corner and told me who it was. He seemed very... stoned. Stoned, but nice.
    Every time though, he has had this crazy hair going on- when I've seen him in films, he has normal hair. What is he- part Chia pet? There must be a moment when the hair is cut and brushed?

    Even movies look better in Paris. That's in. I'm moving.

    Omigod ... a sequel to L'Auberge? I so loved that one. I'll have to keep an eye out for the new one.

    Sorry, but Romain D. can't hold a candle to actor Oliver Martinez...Now there's one damn-photogenic chap!

    Oh. My. God. I don't know what I'm more excited at: that someone else shares my worshipping of Romain Duris (it's very much a case of "who?" here in Sydney), or that there's a sequel to the pure joy that is L'Auberge Espagnole. I'm off to right now.

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