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    Once you've gotten on the bad side of a fellow tenant, it is nearly impossible to be quiet enough.

    You must find a way to redirect her anger and then share a common cause!

    coquette... your blog has become my favorite since the bloggie nomination!
    I've read it like I had nothing better to do(oh.. wait)..i've even obsessed thinking about the fact that la coquette's story would make a great book and a KICK ass Show.. maybe even one of those french shows you rave so much about..
    now, can the coquettes get a pic of their favorite parisienne?

    *sheer, unmitigated glee*

    BEFORE the Grandes Ecoles hommes?? Look at you!!

    I was watching the same show last night. Except, I rarely understood the questions early enough to even come close to answering them in time. I did get the "Michael Moore" question long before any of those other Grand Ecole geeks. And E got "Donald Duck" days before they did. Otherwise, we were a little slow on the uptake.

    What about that one guy who was at a Grand Ecole to learn PR? He was pitiful. In the final round he did not get a single question right. It was painful to watch him.


    And I ditto Max--- where's the Coquette Cam? The Real World meets la Coquette. That would be such a show!!

    Max, consider me flattered by your comment! Coy, coquettish monikers aside, I am trying to remain a bit private, what with job-searching to be a peon in high-profile arenas and all, but I figure, you can't GOOGLE someone's photo image as you can a name, so this is my wordy way of saying I am *thinking* about doing a picture GOD DAMNIT :)

    Jason, *clapping hands in glee* Michael Moore was the only other one I got, too! And I believe you're referring to Quentin (Can-TAHN), who yes, it was painful to see lose, especially as I thought he was actually quite adorable, (unfortunate lisping tendancy aside).

    ahahahaha... loved that geeky show too. Was amazing to see the two mega geeks, engineering and rocket science, duke it out. Loved how Godefroy totally nailed the end with two straight 4 point questions. Hate it when clever guys think that "laisse le main" is always the smart strategy. Reminds me of Jeopardy, when the person in the lead always bets 1 buck more than the double of the second place. How irritatingly predictable.

    Yeah, I yelled out BLOG very loudly at the tv too. Maybe one of us should get the game for PC and have a tournament. (oh god, totally outted myself as a geek now)

    I hate to put temptation in your path but do you know that there's an online version at ? Watch out for spellings though, the Pink Panther music was written by Henr*i* Mancini, dammit.

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