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    The pics look great! Bravo.

    Do they make diptyque candles in Evergreen scent? I would like to buy one for Christmas.

    They make a firewood one called Feu de Bois and Cypres also smells quite pine-y. But if you're wanting a Christmas scent, the Pomander (cinnamon and orange) is a-ma-zing. Shall I bring you back an early Christmas present?

    A feature in the December Lucky has a Diptyque candle in Baies. You can actually read, paris5e.

    I avoid this shop. I avoid because I will buy everything if I enter it. Bad bad bad! My mother-in-law bought me one for Christmas a few years ago. Sure as hell beats Yankee Stinky Factory 'Machin' Candle from the states.

    -Aimee G.

    Can someone in Paris or going to Pais send me the information on how to order these candles from a store there. They are so expensive here in the US. I really want the Christmas scent, the Pomander (cinnamon and orange) for a Christmas brunch that I am having for family. Thank you for your help.

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