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    Mhmn. White tennis shoes...? Give Celine my love, you silly canuck.

    (In Homer Simpson voice) ooooh....french fries.

    I know this was a long time ago, but I'm just now reading it. I too know that line at Versailles. I also know what it's like to stand in it in the rain. Good times.

    The funny thing about that line is that even if it looks short, it's not. It's a magic line (like most lines are when you are at an historical European site, or on vacation at all for that matter). Even if you look like you're close to the front, really you're just close to the building that the rest of the line is actually in. I did, however, read almost an entire book about Versailles (and bore my traveling friend with it) during the 2 hours in line, which made the whole experience a bit more exciting when we FINALLY made it in. :)

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